Twelfth Night


Twelfth Night

Shakespeare. Bare feet. Silk. Misconception. Hysteria.  Love. Chaos. 

Welcome to Monash Shakespeare Company’s Twelfth Night

When the ship carrying twins Viola and Sebastian crashes into the sandy shores of Illyria, neither are prepared for what this island holds. Enter the silky fort that Illyria has become; watch as Sebastian and Viola struggle with the ideas, assumptions and plots of the inhabitants of the Illyrian court. To sit in the audience is to allow yourself access to holes in the walls of Olivia’s mansion and Orsino’s estate and to watch these sex-driven maniacs scramble desperately for the love of those they don’t really know.

MUST Space
West End, Campus Centre (BLD 10)
Monash Univeristy
Clayton, VIC 3800


Tash Milton (Production Manager)

ph: 0417 164 289

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