Dilruk Jayasinha is Kind Of A Big Dil

Dilruk Jayasinha is Kind Of A Big Dil


Here’s a photo of Sri Lankan born Melbourne comedian Dilruk. He’s always been fat and made excuses for it. But 5 months ago, he took this photo and wrote this blurb as motivation to reach his target of wearing that same T-Shirt on stage.

This is an uplifting story about setting goals and achieving them (...or...it’s about failure. Sad, sad failure).

The Downstairs Lounge
Swanston Hotel
195 Swanston Street
Melbourne, VICTORIA 300

CONTACT DETAILS: dilrukj@gmail.com / www.facebook.com/DilrukJComedian / @dilrukj

Booking window has closed. Please contact the event organizer directly.