Justine Sless Presents SNORE

Justine Sless Presents SNORE

Your snore is like a freight train through the middle of my head. It's 3am, I am awake, I take my blanket, my pillow and I seek solace on the couch in the living room of my suburban house. This is a routine- with all the moves.

"Biting sarcasm, razor-sharp wit" Herald Sun

"Sless’ dry delivery unarms you, yet her warmth slowly radiates out and consumes the audience." Arts Hub

318 St Georges Road North Fitzroy

Fundraiser Special Deal: 
Buy 10 or more full price tickets and half will be donated back to your organsisation.
Applies to Not for Profits, sports clubs,kindergardens, schools, etc.
Contact Justine Sless directly to follow up on this offer.

Justine Sless justinesless@yahoo.com

Mobile: 0405 329 633

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