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Darlington Chamber Music Winter Concerts
Event Date/s: 15 October 2017 03:00 PM (GMT+08:00)
Venue: Darlington Hall
Darlington Winter Concerts in Darlington Hall
DaSRA - Darlington Pavilion Project - Buy A Brick
Event Date/s: 31 December 2017 11:59 PM (GMT+08:00)
Venue: Pavilion Project Buy A Brick
Become a Foundation Supporter- Buy -A-Brick - with recognition on the Foundation Supporters Honour Board - see conditions for further details
DaSRA - Darlington Number Plates
Event Date/s: 31 December 2017 09:00 AM (GMT+08:00)
Venue: DaRSA
Would you like to own a set of Darlington Number Plates - All profits go towards the Darlington Spor
La Compañia 2017 - Rhythms of New Spain
Event Date/s: 11 November 2017 06:00 PM (GMT+11:00)
Venue: Deakin Edge - Federation Square
The celebrated ensemble La Compañia presents some of the most beautiful and fascinating music from the Renaissance and early Baroque on period instruments with voice.

Deakin Edge - Federation Square
Concert 1: 6pm Saturday Feb 25 - Melodies from Madrid
Concert 2: 6pm Saturday May 27 - Echoes of the Celts
Concert 3: 6pm Saturday Aug 19 - The Sounds of Naples
Concert 4: 6pm Saturday Nov 11 - Rhythms of New Spain
10th Anniversary Concerts
Event Date/s: 24 November 2017 08:00 PM - 25 November 2017 08:00 PM (GMT+10:00)
Venue: Liddiard Gallery
Piano and song celebrating 10 years of piano concerts at Liddiard Gallery.
Friday 24 November at 8pm
Saturday 25 November at 2pm
Saturday 25 November at 8pm
Pianists: Deborah Jackson, Barbara Pritchard, Stephen Bedding, David de Zilwa, Tim Gray, Rhonda Boyle
Singers: John Banks, Brian Davey, Andy Barltrop, Lynn Elder, Louise Edgoose, Jennifer MacKinnon-Love
Flute: Greg Burns Ukulele: Brian Davey Viola: Tim Gray
Joy To The World: A Christmas Concert
Event Date/s: 7 December 2017 07:30 PM - 10 December 2017 02:30 PM (GMT+10:00)
Venue: Peninsula Community Theatre
Every Christmas season is a special one, and what better way to spend it than with the Peninsula’s favourite choir? Bring your friends, family, and join in the festivities as we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with the Mornington Bach Orchestra and choir director Tom Buchanan. It’ll be a night to get your Christmas cheer in full swing. Matinee and evening performances for every holiday schedule. Book now!
Camberwell Music 2018 subscriptions
Event Date/s: 11 October 2018 09:00 PM (GMT+10:00)
Venue: Camberwell Uniting Church
Subscriptions to the Camberwell Music Society's 3 evening concerts, 3 morning concerts or to all 6 concerts. Subscriptions include membership of the society. There is also provision for non-subscribers to become members by paying a small fee.
Event Date/s: 14 October 2017 07:30 PM (GMT+08:00)
Venue: 2 Cafe
Experience the full Martini service with Vocalists Paul Peacock (Les Miserable cast member- London) and Avalon Jack accompanied by Richard Braham on piano performing songs by Billy Joel, Van Morrison, John Denver, Michael Bublé, Adele and others in our signature style.
2017 Cubilee, Darlington Scout Group
Event Date/s: 4 November 2017 09:00 AM (GMT+08:00)
Venue: Kelmscott High School
Kelmscott High School Camillo Road
GROUP INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALING - Mundaring 11 Nov : 1.30pm
Event Date/s: 11 November 2017 01:30 PM (GMT+08:00)
Venue: Mundaring Wellness Centre
I channel universal energy as a conduit, gateway and create the space of energy for you to sit within. Experience shifts and releases at any or all of the levels of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual / Galactic Bodies, thru the facilitation and channelling of Divine Healing Energies.
CMS Concert on 25 December 2018
Event Date/s: 12 September 2017 09:00 AM (GMT+10:00)
Venue: Camberwell Uniting Church
Camberwell Music Society's evening concert,
Concert 5 - Intermediate Session 1
Event Date/s: 14 September 2017 06:00 PM (GMT+08:00)
Venue: Churchlands Concert Hall
Intermediate Concert
Concert 6 - Junior - Session 1
Event Date/s: 15 September 2017 06:00 PM (GMT+08:00)
Venue: Churchlands Concert Hall
Junior Concert - 1st Session
Concert 6 - Junior - Session 2
Event Date/s: 15 September 2017 07:30 PM (GMT+08:00)
Venue: Churchlands Concert Hall
Junior Concert - 2nd Session
Hummingsong Spring Concerts
Event Date/s: 16 September 2017 12:00 PM - 16 September 2017 05:30 PM (GMT+10:00)
Venue: Salvation Army Congress Hall
Join us for one of our Spring Concerts where we will showcase our choirs individually and together as a mass choir (including our new men's choir). Help us celebrate the beautiful community of men and women we have built in what promises to be an entertaining and heart warming program.
2017 Craven Creek Concerts
Event Date/s: 16 September 2017 02:00 PM - 17 September 2017 01:30 PM (GMT+11:00)
Venue: Kingfisher
Beautiful music in a unique setting in an old barn in rural NSW.
The Galston Concerts 2017 Series
Event Date/s: 17 September 2017 02:00 PM - 22 October 2017 02:00 PM (GMT+10:00)
Venue: Galston Uniting Church
Five Concerts in the Galston Uniting Church
Men in Black Concert
Event Date/s: 17 September 2017 02:00 PM (GMT+10:00)
Venue: Scots Church
A 2-hour performance by a male singing group featuring 'Mack the Knife' 'Come Back to Sorrento', Mozart's 'Ave Verum', the 'Gendarme's Duet' and lots more favourites, plus band items, solos and small groups. A great variety concert for all ages.
Cappuccino Concerts 2017
Event Date/s: 17 September 2017 05:00 PM - 22 October 2017 05:00 PM (GMT+08:00)
Venue: Cottesloe War Memorial Town Hall
The Cappuccino Concerts chamber music series
Eltham High School Celebration Concerts 2017
Event Date/s: 19 September 2017 07:30 PM (GMT+10:00)
Venue: Eltham High School
Eltham High School Celebration Concerts on 14 and 19 September 2017 commencing at 7:30pm
Event Date:

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