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Beth Rivkah Secondary Song and Dance Fundraiser

The biannual Song & Dance production highlights the tremendous benefits of Beth Rivkah’s extra-curricular program, in developing and showcasing our students diverse talents and in strengthening school spirit. In 2021 we look forward to running a wide range of extra-curricular programs. But we need to ensure that these programs are accessible and affordable for all, so we are turning to you for support. By making a donation through this page, you have the opportunity to be acknowledged as a sponsor of this year’s Song & Dance production in the show program. All funds raised will be used to enhance the school’s extra-curricular programs, directly benefiting our students.

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Glen Eira Historical Society

The Glen Eira Historical Society is a not for profit, incorporated organisation run by volunteers. Donations are always welcome to support our ongoing work of collecting preserving and promoting the history of Glen Eira and its residents.

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Donate to Woodford Historical Society

Your donation helps keep our doors open and preserve Woodfords history and is greatly appreciated.

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HTP Alpha Catering

Holy Trinity Parish is running it's first Alpha program open to the parish. An integral part of the program is sharing a meal in small groups. In order to run a sustainable program, the Alpha team are asking the community to contribute to the cost of the meal if you have capacity to do so. Please keep us in your prayers. God Bless You and your family.

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Glenhuntly Playgroup Donations

Your donation to Glenhuntly Combined Playgroup Inc. will contribute to our ongoing costs of venue hire, toy and equipment maintenance and food for the children during celebration events such as Diwali and Christmas.

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Pay it Forward: Buy a Coffee for Sydney/NSW

Let's pay it Forward to families of multiples during the the Sydney/NSW lockdown. Your donation will be used to distribute coffee vouchers to multiple birth associations in areas most affected by the lockdown in Sydney/NSW. More text to come ...

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Fitzroy High School Building Fund

The building fund is a tax deductible gift fund that enables the school to receive contributions from the public for the purpose of developing and maintaining buildings not funded by the government. A tax compliant receipt is issued to enable donors to claim on their tax return. The current project is to develop a secure bicycle storage area with adjoining workshop and learning space to cater for a new program to engage students in riding bicycles, learning to maintain bicycles and to develop a social enterprise to service bicycles for the school and wider community.

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Gemco Players

Thank you for helping us continue to deliver affordable arts to the community!

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We Need a Bugle

The Last Post is the bugle call that signifies the end of the day’s activities and is sounded at military funerals to indicate that the soldier has gone to his final rest and at commemorative services such as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day. The St Pius X College Performing Arts Parents Association ( PAPA) is raising funds to purchase a bugle to be used at the College Anzac Day and Remembrance Day commemoration assemblies. Currently a trumpet is used.

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