22 July, 2016

This week we are proud to release an updated website with a new look and feel and a host of changes that will help users navigate the site more smoothly. If you look around you will notice new colours, a new logo and a new design that is mobile friendly. Here is a quick overview of the changes, we hope you like them. Please let us know what you think on social media and tag us. @trybooking #trybooking


Look and feel

We have added some design elements such as icons, updated the brand colours and added a new structure. You should that is easier to navigate around and learn more about TryBooking. 

Design update

Key pages include: 

Learning center


Contact us

Key Features



New logo 

The TryBooking logo has been evolving slowly over the past seven years. With this update, the most noticeable change is that we have dropped the .com from the logo. We haven't moved anywhere, you can still find us at trybooking.com

If you need to download our new logo or buttons to promote your events. Head over to the resources page and download the brand folders. 

This image shows the past logo and the new versions below. 



We hope you like the new design. If you have any feedback or want to suggest anything at all you can let us know via facebooktwitter or send us an email - info@trybooking.com 


Good luck with your next event. 

The TryBooking Team

22 July, 2016


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