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10 April, 2017


The email buyers tool makes it easy for you to send important updates to your attendees before your event has taken place. With this tool, you can quickly let them know about:

    •    A last minute venue change.
    •    Slight adjustment to the starting time.
    •    Special last minute offers from sponsors.
    •    Important details such as parking or travel issues.
    •    Cancellations or reschedules or
    •    A quick reminder about your event

As well as any other updates you want to send via mass email.

You can add your own images, event tags, styling and hyperlinks to these emails, and keep it totally in-line with your event homepage branding. It's an easy way to communicate with all of your attendees from the one spot in your dashboard. 

You can find this tool under Manage events in your dashboard, or under Options in each event.  

For more details on how you can use this tool, head to the Learning Centre




Let us know if you have any feedback on this new feature. We'd love to have a chat or assist you with making it work!

The TryBooking Team


10 April, 2017


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