Choosing music playlists that will make your next event a hit

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05 September, 2016

Whether it’s lightly playing in the background, or thumping across a dance floor, finding the perfect music playlist for your event is essential for creating atmosphere, good vibes and memories that your guests will cherish.

Key Questions
Before you get started on researching the right music for your event, make sure that you have considered the following:

    •    Who your guests will be, and what kind of music they appreciate - anything from a certain era or genre? Also, is there likely to be a lot of conversation where quiet music is more suitable?
    •    What time your event starts, and how the music should adjust as things wind up or down. You may find there’ll be periods where no music is necessary, so it’s important to note potential stop and start times.
    •    How long your event will run for, which helps determine the size of your playlist.
    •    Most venues make it easy to set up your own music, but it’s best to double check if they have the right equipment available, and if they have any specific policies regarding your event.
    •    If you are planning to use a music download platform, you should check with their terms and conditions to see if you are able to play their music on a public or commercial level.

Like any other aspect of event planning, it’s important to figure out key questions and goals at the start, so that you can reduce the likelihood of unpredictable issues and problems.


DJs & Live Music
DJs and live music performers are a very popular choice to take your event to the next level . If you are planning to hire a DJ for your next event, take a look at DJCo, who offer DJ hire in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

If you think that your event is better suited to live music, sites like Instinct Events and Entertainment offer all kinds of quality live music talent for events around Australia.

If you're looking for corporate event music and entertainment, head to Song Divison AU for some great options.

However, if you are not planning to hire any third party performers, then you may have to become your own DJ and play some of your own selections through the venue speakers.


Music streaming services
To get your music list ready, we personally like to use platforms such as:

Spotify: A popular music, podcast and video streaming service with over 30 million songs. You can find countless playlists, for all genres and situations, or you can create and build your own. It has Facebook and Twitter integration so you can develop collaborative playlists with your other event organisers, or your guests themselves. Their app is also available on iOS and Android.
Free version (with ads)
Premium version (ad-free): $11.99/month
Family version: Up to 6 premium accounts for $17.99/month

Apple Music: A relatively new music streaming and internet radio station that operates independently to iTunes. The platform offers users recommendations based on their tastes, as well as the ability to form their own playlists. Currently, their music library isn’t as large as Spotify’s but is rapidly growing. They also offer Facebook and Twitter integration, with an iOS and Android app.
Cost: There is no free version of Apple Music, however, all other options are the same as Spotify.
Single user: $11.99/month
Family version: Up to 6 accounts for $17.99/month

To get you started on your research, we thought we’d share with you Obama’s Summer playlist on Spotify, which was recently released. See it here.

What are some of your favourite tracks to listen to? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


The TryBooking Team

05 September, 2016

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