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17 March, 2020


Social distancing doesn’t mean we need to be socially isolated.

Whether you’re a comedian who can provide people with a much-needed laugh, an actor with a show that must go on or a talented person with a skill to share- why not livestream an event, workshop or seminar?


Online, livestreamed events are the perfect way for you to keep connected to your audience and community in a time we all need it most and TryBooking are here to help you get the show on the (virtual) road!


How to create a live stream event:


1: Choose a platform to livestream your event on. Here are some of the easiest free options:


YouTube livestream 

You will need to create a YouTube account/ channel to livestream your event.

Click here for YouTube instructions.


FaceBook Live

You will need a FaceBook account to livestream from. Create an event in FaceBook which you can link your attendees to.

Click here for detailed instructions.


2: Create a TryBooking event to sell tickets to your livestream event.


Your TryBooking event will be created in much the same way as you would create a standard basic event. There are a few small things you will do differently for your livestreamed event:


  • Make sure that in the description of your event, you let people know that the event will be livestreamed. Also inform them as to which platform you will be using to livestream (EG: Youtube).

  • Instead of entering the address for a physical venue, use the address fields to let people know that this is a livestreamed event and that you will add them to the stream once they have registered.

    livestream event

  • Capacity will always be set to ‘space’. Set the number of tickets available to the number of people you are happy to host in your livestream. You can edit this number at any time. One of the advantages of running a livestream event is that your venue is virtual. You can accommodate as many or as few attendees as you wish, without worrying about how many people you can fit into a building!

  • Once you have created your event, go into the event management page and select Event Publication from the left hand menu. Turn off E-tickets, as your attendees will not require actual tickets for this event.

  • In the left hand menu of the event management page, select Follow up email from the Emails/communication menu. Here you can create an email advising attendees how they can join your livestream. For example, if you are using YouTube livestreaming, you will invite them using the email address they provide upon booking. You can add any extra important information about your event here as well. This email will automatically be sent to the customer upon booking, along with a confirmation email from TryBooking.


Make sure you check over your event and are happy with it before you share the link with your potential audience.


Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your online event:

  • Customise you Homepage to inspire and excite your customers. Add information about the livestream and how it will work, so that people will feel confident to book.

  • Use the Email buyers feature to remind people about your online event.

  • If you are running multiple online events, you might like to use our Event listing page so that people can easily book into multiple events.


Feel free to reach out to the TryBooking client success team if you have any questions or need a hand to get started with your events.


17 March, 2020


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