MICF 2017: Festival is now ON!

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06 March, 2017


The guide is out and tickets are on now sale for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017, aka one of the best times of the year. After all, what's not to love about having a flurry of comedians in town?

Here is where you can find all the MICF acts on TryBooking.

We are the platform of choice for over a hundred great comedians this year and with so many different shows, venues and plenty of good times to be had, it's definitely time to start booking your tickets in. 

We've put together a little list of suggestions for who you can see via TryBooking:




Kirsty Webeck in Good One: MICF 2017

Described as the 'hottest new name on the comedy circuit,' Kirsty Webeck has been delighting sold out audiences across the country with her cheerful comedy that always punches up. Now she's back for her third year running at MICF with her hilarious, brand new stand up show tackling what it means to be a good person.


Emily Tressider: Not Your Ex

Unless she actually is your ex, then please forget that - no hard feelings man, come see the show, maybe there's a bit about you. Whether you are an ex-lover, ex-terrestrial, or ex-hibitionist, Emily will have you in stitches. Returning with a brand new show, after sold out shows in both Australia and the UK, Emily Tresidder's new show will have you ex-ploding with laughter.


Joe Shaffer: Bigger Than Texas 

Joe Shaffer makes his Melbourne Comedy Festival debut with a fresh new hour of standup talked out of his face and dumb sketches from his brain. Joe was born in the country, raised in the city, moved to Australia just a few years back, and now he's got opinions about all of it. 


StandUp Comedy #MICF2017: David Rose, Izzy Ali, Zack Dyer

Young, brilliant, different – Stand Up Comedy is 1 hour of what it says on the tin. 3 of the best new comics MICF has to offer with wit & bravado. David Rose (Melbourne Comedy’s Rising Stars, Three Course Comedy, Melbourne Uni Law Revue, Cracked.com) Izzy Ali (RAW Comedy National Finalist, Comic’s Lounge) Zack Dyer (Townsville Comedy).



A former superhero and his arch-nemesis former super villain are accidentally booked to appear at a convention on the same day and same time. Watch the drama and comedy unfold.


All Star Musical Comedy and Showcase - Greg Champion & Friends

Love musical comedy? Then this is the MICF show for you! Greg Champion (Coodabeen Champtions, 774 Melbourne) headlines a hilarious evening of laugh-laden lyrics and toe-tapping tunes that are sure to tickle your funnybone.


Once again, don't forget to check out all the shows here.

Take a look and get in touch if you have any listing requests! 

The TryBooking Team

06 March, 2017


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