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01 August, 2017


Recently, we announced the arrival of embeddable widgets for your events.

Widgets let you add a range of dynamic event and ticketing information onto your own website. This helps you to deliver a great, consistent experience for all of your website visitors, encourages them to return and even kickstart their ticket purchasing process from your website.

You can also customise the widgets to fit within your branding, which means that they’re suitable for almost any kind of website theme. 

With over 10,000 events a week taking place on TryBooking, a lot of event organisers have been getting creative with their widgets - and we thought we would share their efforts and results.

Below are just a few great examples of the ways to utilise widgets.


The Great Australian Beer Festival
The team at The Great Australian Beer Festival have been working with TryBooking for the past five years and this year they have just launched a brand new regional festival in Albury.

Event attendees will be treated to over 100 types of beer and cider, great musical acts and a safe and fun experience.

The festival website provides lots of important information regarding the event including transports, music, food, beer, package deals, dates, times and ticketing. Their brand has a strong presence, the images are vibrant and there is a clear indication of what to expect at the event. 

Detailed explanations help to inform patrons so they can more readily book and share the event with their friends.




At TryBooking we want your brand to be front and centre and booking tickets should enhance the overall experience of your website.

The Great Australian Beer Festival has several ticket types and packages, so it made sense to embed the express widget with all the ticket options and descriptions available to read. If website visitors needed more information, they could navigate around the site before selecting a ticket.

Once a visitor is ready to make a purchase, the express widget allows them to select one or more tickets before they start the checkout process.




Using the express widget keeps users on their website longer and helps reduce friction between deciding if they want to purchase and finally completing the booking.


Play On Sports

Play On Sports is an exciting After School Care sports program being run at select primary schools. It includes basketball and football programs that are fun, active and designed to be appealing to both boys and girls.

With multiple schools and locations, the Play On Sports team embedded the event listing widget so that parents could easily scan a list of events and find the correct location before they book. 

The event listing widget also delivers crucial information such as dates, times, location and descriptions in an easy-to-read format that is visually appealing and customised to fit their website’s colours and brand.

One other advantage of using the event listing widget is that it pulls information and updates directly from the TryBooking system so that when you make an edit from your TryBooking dashboard it automatically updates the widget shown on your website too.




Parents can scan down the list, find the session for their child and then be directed to the event page with more details and mobile friendly checkout. 

Queenscliffe Lighthouse Theatre Group

Queenscliffe Lighthouse Theatre Group is based on the Bellarine Peninsula and has been successfully staging musical and other theatre productions since 2001. Today the organisation has over 150 volunteer members and provides great entertainment and performances for the local community.

To promote their upcoming performance, Secret Bridesmaids’ Business, they embedded the event lifecycle widget, which displays the event name, location and all the upcoming performances in a custom widget on their website.

The widget was customised to fit their website branding and has a bright BOOK button, enticing visitors with a call-to-action.




This type of widget works well if you have one event with multiple sessions. It stays up-to-date as your sessions close or sell out, so you don’t have to worry about your website showing any incorrect information.

Fright Night Spooktacular

Take a look at Fright Night Spooktacular. Held at Cranbourne Racecourse in Melbourne, the Halloween-inspired festival is hosted by Savage Attractions who run all kinds of local fetes, festivals and parties.


Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 4.38.29 PM.png


As they have a number of ticket types they have opted to embed the express widget. Their website has a distinct scary theme and so they customised the widget. They edited the background colour of each ticket type, button and the headings to fit their existing look and feel.

Learn more

If you want more information about widgets and how to use them, visit the learning centre and please get in touch if you want to share how widgets have helped you or your organisation.

The TryBooking Team 

01 August, 2017


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