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Allot Lottery Auction 2014


ALLOT: A lottery Auction

What is ALLOT?
ALLOT is Trocadero Art Space and Five Walls Project's 2014 Fundraiser.

Here's the rough idea:

* Artists have kindly donated some pretty awesome artworks for us to sell

* Tickets to match the number of artworks are available for purchase at $100ea, 
here at Try Booking!

* Ticket Holders will be able to draw a number from a whimsical pool of numbers and will   be rewarded for their donation and support with the Artwork that matches the number!

When is it?
The Artworks so graciously donated by artists can be viewed from:
26 November to 13 December 2014
Open hours WED - SAT 11-5pm

I have a ticket, when do I draw my artwork?
The LOTTERY DRAW will be held in Trocadero Art Space on
Saturday 13th December 2014 from 4 - 6pm 

Is there a host for the Lottery Draw?

Why yes! ALLOT will be hosted by the devastatingly handsome and witty Andrew Gaynor! Another great reason to but a ticket and attend!

Where is it?
ALLOT is being held in two Artst Run Space's:

both at:
Level 1 / 119 Hopkins Street
Footscray, Melb, Vic 3011

Who are some of the Donated Artworks from?
These wonderful Artists will be published on the Trocadero and Five Walls social media sites for all to marvel in their amazing support and generosity!

Can I see some of the works before I purchase a ticket?
Sure can! Artworks are up on show to see at Trocadero Art Space & Five Walls from
26 Nov - 13 Dec, Open hours WED - SAT 12-5pm

What is the fundraiser in aid of?

Proceeds are contributing to the ongoing success of Trocadero Art Space & Five Walls Projects. Both spaces are not-for-profit Art Run Initiatives who do not receive no-ongoing funding and rely on fundraising to continue their future as spaces that provide exhibition spaces for establised and emerging artists.

Where do I buy my ticket? 

Tickets are available Below! 
Just click on the button 'Continue Booking' at the bottom of this page.

Remember tickets are limited to the amount of artworks we have available.

I need more info.......
Queries can be emailed to:
or please feel free to go to our website's:

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