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Intro Day For Professional Development


This is your opportunity to see and experience for yourself how partnering with horses in an experiential and transformational training can change the way you lead yourself and live your life.


The Horse Sense approach uses safe ground only based activities to: 

  • Raise your level of - Emotional Intelligence (Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Self - Regulation and Relationship Management)
  • Develop new and lasting neural pathways using Affective Neuroscience (cultivating neural complexity to promote adaptive responses to various workplace input and stimuli)
What you will learn working with horses

  • How to communicate with authenticity - using your body as a fine tuned communication device
  • How to make better decisions through the congruent alignment of your 3 centres of intelligence - head, heart, gut
  • Foster strong connections to collaborate effectively with others
  • Identify your personal patterns of behaviour, and how they affect others
  • Explore your social awareness and how to manage and improve personal and workplace relationships
  • Tools to manage your emotions and the emotions of others

In this increasingly complex and rapidly changing world, to be able to lead yourself and others requires a strong sense of self responsibility and purpose. Magnetising others with your wisdom and emotionally intelligent head, heart and gut based leadership, is the ‘new’ leadership of the 21st century. 


If you are looking for an accelerated approach to learning these competencies, our 4 legged guides provide a perfect catalyst to change the hard wiring of the brain, developing new neural pathways. 


Horses provide the necessary practice to embody new behaviours to make a lasting shift. The experience is fascinating and joyful, as horses provide a safe, non-judgemental way to step outside of your every day environment and learn through self discovery.


When:       Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Where:       Victorian Equestrian Center, 

                  76 Beaconsfield-Emerald Road, 
                  Beaconsfield Upper Victoria

Time:          11am - 2pm

Cost:          $30 p/person

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