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Out of The Zoo and Into the Zone


Out of The Zoo and Into the Zone challenges the modern blueprint for success, 'If you're not stressed, you're not trying hard enough', and debunks the ‘3 Myths of Stress’ –

1.          Stress is beneficial;
2.          Stress is normal; and
3.          Stress can be overcome with motivation and discipline.

Joanne van Ravenswaaij
 is on a mission to change the world by sharing an alternate path to success called 'The Zone’ or ‘Flow-state, a state entered into when doing something we love – when time disappears, colours seem brighter, life feels great, and everything appears light and effortless. In this state, happy and free of anxiety, we are more successful, productive and creative than ever before.

Join with Joanne at this workshop as she explores this concept and then experience it yourself.
Green Acres Golf Club
51 Elm Grove
Kew East, Victoria 3102

Contact Details: Sue Anderson Founder Network Connect 0417 001 375