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Illuminate Learning

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Bishop Druitt College
 Illuminate Learning

People learn in many different ways and with individual learning styles. Each person uses multiple "learning channels," and has strengths in which learning style works best. It is important for each student to use as many channels as possible to best learn, understand, and retain new information. Our philosophy is to use multisensory learning to better utilise a student’s strengths as well as to provide multiple channels of learning to improve depth of understanding and information recall.The Orton-Gillingham Approachis an intensive, sequential phonics-based system that teaches the basics of word formation before whole meanings. The method accommodates and utilizes the three learning modalities, or pathways, through which people learn—visual, auditory and kinaesthetic (Multi-sensory). Unlike some other reading programs, the Orton-Gillingham Approach is a system that allows for flexibility.

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