Donation to Primary Club


Help us provide sporting and recreational equipment to people with a disability. 

WHAT:   All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible and the subject of a receipt.  This site receives any donations using Visa, MasterCard or American Express.  (If you use the latter (AmEx), the transaction incurs an additional 1.1% fee.)  If you wish to make alternate arrangements, call Anja on the number shown below.

AMOUNT:  You may nominate any amount to donate.  However, on the next page you will be asked to 'buy' a free ticket (cost $0.00) to donate - just enter the Quantity "1" and then nominate your donation in the space below.  You are then invited to add an appropriate message (optional).  There is a 50c transacation fee, once you proceed.  Donations of $1,000 and above are recognised by the Primary Club as "Golden Duck Donor" status.

 CONTACT DETAILS:  Anja Smalbil, Office Manager, (02) 9980-2525,

For more information about the Primary Club of Australia, visit the website on