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TryBooking - The Swinburne MSF Farewell Celebration Event


A celebration of the Swinburne Master of Strategic Foresight program, 2001 - 2017(-ish).

Open to anyone who undertook a postgraduate Foresight unit at Swinburne and their partners and/or family, people who had been associated with it in any way (e.g., teaching, guest lectures, etc) & their partners/family, and any & all other "Friends of the MSF" and their partners/family.


It was held: Friday 25 November 2016, from 7:00 PM to about 11:00 PM (Actually, it kicked on in the downstairs bar until after 1 am when they closed the bar and had to kick us out... ;-)

Even if you didn't attend the event, please consider leaving a message at the message board linked at the bottom of this page, about your connection and remembrances of the MSF.


The Kelvin Club, Melbourne Place, Melbourne CBD, near The Russell Cinemas.

This was a really beautifully-done venue and we are very grateful to have been able to book it.


Evening / Cocktail Party / Black Tie Optional.

We wanted to celebrate the MSF in style, so we invited people to dress up as fancily as they felt like doing. Many of them did! Check out the photos on the Kudoboard linked below.

There were around 150 or so people who came. We hope that those who were there and took photos will post here to the Kudoboard set up below. 

It was a lovely night! Thank you to everyone!