Enrolments 2018


Welcome to 2018 enrolments at Studio K Dance

- Parents enrolling multiple students at Studio K Dance will need to enrol them separately.
- All class information can be found on our website www.studiokdancers.com/classes
- An enrolment form will need to be completed to confirm enrolment at Studio K Dance in 2018: www.studiokdancers.com/enrol
- All uniform information can be found on our uniform page: www.studiokdancers.com/uniforms
- For term fees and our location, please see our website: www.studiokdancers.com

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss enrolment further.

Contact Details:
Katrina Orenstein
Studio K Dance

E: info@studiokdancers.com
W: www.studiokdancers.com
M: 0401626766

Contact Form

This event is currently closed and no contact details are available