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TryBooking - Sex Nation at MICF 2017 - FOUR SHOWS ONLY


Welcome to Sex Nation: home to Brisbane’s favourite sketch groups, The Sexy Detectives ("Simply hysterical" - Squirrel Comedy) and BangNation ("This show will blow your mind" - Scenestr). Sure, their names combined may sound like an unsexy dystopian nightmare – but when the laughs are this constant and the sketch comedy is also this constant, you will end up in a utopian dream-state.

Sex Nation: it’s more bang for your… uh, detectives.

Sun 2nd April - 8:00 PM (PREVIEW - ALL TIX $10)

Fri 7th April - 10:30 PM

Sat 8th April - 10:30 PM

Sun 9th April - 8:00 PM


Number 12
12 Bourke St
Melbourne, Victoria 3000