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TryBooking - Joe Shaffer - Bigger Than Texas

Joe Shaffer - Bigger Than Texas 

Joe Shaffer makes his Melbourne Comedy Festival debut with a fresh new hour of standup talked out of his face and dumb sketches from his brain. Joe was born in the country, raised in the city, moved to Australia just a few years back, and now he's got opinions about all of it.


After being bitten by a radioactive microphone, Joe discovered that he had the proportionate strength and speed of a stand up comedian. He has performed at clubs and festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival, Laugh Your Pants Off Gala, on ABC Radio, and numerous other venues worldwide.


Joe has spent his years away from home charmingly correcting people that he's from Texas when they ask if he is American. Did you know that Texas was its own country for nine years? That fact is Texas' number one export.


From emu rancher to video game tester, he has lived the kind of life that perfectly makes 50 minutes of standup feel like merely 45 minutes. The show guarantees to be at least 23% better than the two episodes of television that you could have stayed at home and watched instead.


Imperial Hotel

  • 29th of March to 23rd of April at 10pm EVERY NIGHT (except Mondays - it's like a Garfield)


  • Location

    2/8 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000