Eating Disorders Online Learning Program



Eating Disorders Online Learning Program  



This online learning program is designed for all relevant professionals working with eating disorders, and includes 5 modules with introductory to advanced levels of theory, practice knowledge and resources to work in eating disorders.  Each module contains core curriculum, a quiz, and in-practice session with more in-depth view of the topic, clinical tools and a resources section.  Formats include interactive text, role play examples by specialist in the field and feedback from sufferers and their families.  To view the promotional video that gives you a sample of the program, click here to access:

Application Criteria: Clinicians must be working or a resident in Victoria, Australia.

Online Learning Cost:  $95.00 (plus 30 cents fee).

Length of Access:  Three (3) months (based on a 30 day month) from date when access is granted.

Granting of Access:  Access can take up to 10 days to process.



Payment Options:

Please read the following payment options carefully and decide which option you will use before clicking on the "Continue Booking" below.  Please note only one application per transaction is allowed.

1.  Credit Card: Please click on "Continue Booking" below.

2.  Workplace Invoice:  If your workplace has approved payment of this online learning program and requires a workplace invoice, please contact the CEED office (details below) to obtain a "promotion code" to enter at checkout.  An invoice will be sent directly to your organisation for payment. Please note workplace invoices are generally for multiple registrants from the same organisation.

3.  *WETS Cluster Funding:

  • Upon production of receipt of payment and the certificate of completion of the first 3 modules of the online learning program, previously approved clinicians will be reimbursed in full for the training by Western Cluster.
  • Clinicians will initially self-fund by personal credit card at the checkout screen.
  • Interested Western Cluster clinicians need to contact their manager and the Western Cluster Local Service Representative to seek approval for cluster funding.
  • Once Western representative approves eligibility they will notify Western cluster administration who will confirm with CEED of who has been approved.

4. *NEVIL Cluster Funding:

  • Interested NEVIL clinicians need to contact their NEVIL Local Cluster Representative to seek approval for cluster funding.
  • Once NEVIL representative approves eligibility, clinicians book and self-fund by personal credit card at the checkout screen.
  • Upon production of receipt of payment and the certificate of completion of the first 3 modules of the online learning program, previously approved clinicians will be reimbursed in full for the training by NEVIL.

Other information:

  • The WETS & NEVIL Clusters are supporting a trial of the online learning program for a limited time for mental health clinicians in their region.  Please read and follow payment option 4. and 5. above to establish eligibility and application processes.  Funding support from the other cluster regions has not yet been established.  Clinicians from those regions will need to clarify with their cluster training manager prior to application if wishing to enquire about the possibility of support.
  • Once application and payment is received CEED will arrange for InsideOut Institute (IOI) to authorise your access asap.  This can take up to 10 days to finalise. Once access has been authorised you will be able to login via the following website and using the email address you provided at application.
  • The online learning program is also a pre-requisite training for many CEED advanced training workshops.  As mentioned above access to the online learning program can take up to 10 days to process.  Please allow for this time when planning completion of the online learning program.
  • The online learning program consists of 5 modules and each module takes approximately 2 - 5 hours to complete.  Total hours to complete the online learning program: approximately 12 - 25 hours.
  • Please note that access to the online training is for three (3) months (based on a 30 day month). . After 3 months the training system will automatically close.  If you do not complete the online learning program within the three (3) months timeframe, a one (1) month extension can be purchased for $50.00 via the IOI? website (not from CEED) : Or for a further three (3) months access at $95.00 please contact CEED again to discuss the possibility of regaining access for this timeframe.
  • A certificate is available for self printing on successful completion of the quiz at the end of each module. Please print your certificates at the time of module completion and within the timeframe. After access is closed is it not possible to print certificates. 
  • GPs who complete the online learning program will be able to self record and claim 2 Category 2 CPD points for each hour they participate in the program.
  • Other professional groups may claim 3.5 CPD points per unit.

For cancellation policy details, please refer to the terms and conditions specified during the application process on and also printed on your ticket issued to you at the end of the application process.


For further information regarding this Online Learning Program, please contact:

Claire Diffey, CEED Manager, email:, ph: (03) 83872 668
Administrative enquiries, email:, ph: (03) 8387 2673

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