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Jason Ayres - Got My Heart Tour 2017

                         VOLTAIRE is Artistic Expression and Entertainment Central. 

The only genre we don't exhibit is heavy metal, and that is only because we would get noise complaints from the neighbours. We have 2 multipurpose floors at this one licenced location. The ground level is where it all begins. With its white walls we display the full spectrum of artistic expression. Newly exhibited work is a weekly occurrence. The artwork often coinciding with the theme of the event taking place in the intimate 50 seat theatre on the first floor. The ground floor is also used for Voltaire's Design Market, occurring one Sunday a month, dramatic skills classes run by Australian Centre for Performing Arts (ACOPA), and other events that just can not be contained to the first floor such as CaRnaVaL

The first floor is where the fun really happens. Each week you have the chance to be entertained by music, dance, comedy, magic, plays, performance art, cabaret, burlesque, the list goes on, in any number of the amazing acts that are held here by a range of talented performers. We are open Wednesday to Sunday every single week.

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14 Raglan Street
North Melboure, VIC 3051

03 9326 3006