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The Government Inspector


In an age when utter buffoons can occupy the highest of offices, Nikolai Gogol’s satirical play The Government Inspector may, at this moment, be more dramatic realism than comedic farce. Greed, corruption and stupidity seem to be de rigueur in politics nowadays with obstinately obnoxiously lies and bigotry shovelled into us 140 characters at a time. But never fear! Here to lighten the tone is the Armidale School with a bizarre, wacky and irreverent adaptation that delights in stretching and skewing the classic Russian farce while honouring the sharp social commentary of the original. There will be zany and grotesque characters, colourful sets and costumes and a bit of song and dance thrown in there for good measure.

In our post-truth, alternative-fact, draining-the-swamp-while-building-a-wall-and-making-it-all-great-again world I think we could all do with a bit of comedy. Just don't forget what Gogol says: "Well, those who laugh the most will be laughing at themselves!"

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