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    Thanks for sponsoring one of our beautiful AMS kids from the Korogocho slum.  

    We'll take plenty of photos with their nametags on so that you can see 'your child' in action on camp. We'll also have them write you a note to tell you all about their weekend.

    We really appreciate you helping us love these kids.

These children are the poorest of the poor, living in horrid conditions with little food and almost no resources. $60 will provide transport and food for a camper for the weekend. This will include lunch, snacks & clean water throughout the camp. We are ordering PIZZA on the first night and KFC on the second night - can you imagine the excitement!!?

We are taking 50 kids out of the slum and on an adventure! The children (ages 9-12) are from the AMS ‘Super Starter’ classes that we run from St. John’s school in Korogocho, one of Nairobi’s most notorious slums.

Our location for camp is the ‘Stepping Stones Kindergarten’ – an Oasis in the lovely area of Karen, across the other side of town. We’ll be bussing the kids (and our teachers) across and back each day, providing lunch and dinner each day - and they even get to swim in the pool (this will be a ‘first ever’ for these children!)

Our musical activities will be choir, bucket drumming, tubes, keyboard groups and games.

Both Sydney & Nairobi AMS staff are donating their time and getting to Nairobi at their own expense. We’ll be using our checked luggage allowance to take donated clothing as well as providing all the equipment needed for camp.


  • Saturday 29 April 2017
  • Location

    Stepping Stones Nairobi

  • Contact Details

    9314 7282