UWA School of Music - Auditions for 2018 Entry

Applying for a place at the UWA School of Music in 2018 
Applicants looking to study Music Studies and/or Music Specialist Studies within the Bachelor or Arts of Bachelor of Philosophy at the University of Western Australia must pass an audition (in addition to fulfilling the standard University entrance requirements). 
Domestic applicants can apply for an audition here.
The deadline to apply for a September audition is Friday 15 September 2017. Domestic applicants must also apply to UWA, online, through TISC.
International students should apply online here: www.studyat.uwa.edu.au/international/myapplication
Auditions for 2018 entry will be held on Sunday 17 September 2017 at the School of Music. For students who prefer a later audition, an additional audition day will be held on Monday 27 November 2017. Auditions can be held outside of these dates but will be subject to an additional $15 fee.
The required standard is around AMEB1 grade 5 for Music Studies and grade 7 for Specialist Music Studies (or equivalent level2).
Applicants for composition, will still be asked to audition on their chosen instrument or voice, however, a slightly lower standard of performance is acceptable for composition students. In addition to your audition, you should submit a composition portfolio (in advance of the audition if possible) and we will also arrange you an interview with our composition coordinator. 
A theory background comparable to West Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) Music 3A/3B is required /AMEB Grade 5 theory (or equivalent)3.
1Applicants are not required to have completed these exams, but must be able to demonstrate a comparable standard of performance in their audition  
2AMEB Grade 5 Practical = approx. ABRSM/TCL Grade 6  |  AMEB Grade 7 Practical = approx ABRSM/TCL Grade 8
3Please note that students are not required to have undertaken ATAR/WACE Music in order to study music at UWA 
Further information about preparing for your audition and additional details about the application process can be found on our website at: music.uwa.edu.au/courses/applying/audition

UWA School of Music
35 Stirling Highway
Perth, Western Australia 6009

Contact Details:

+61 8 6488 7835 / music@uwa.edu.au


Sessions Description Status
Ad-Hoc Audition Please contact the office to arrange a date/time Open
Sunday 17 September Closed
Monday 27 November Open
Ad-Hoc Audition
Please contact the office to arrange a date/time
Sunday 17 September
Monday 27 November