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Maori Culture School Holiday - Day Out
Maori Culture School Holiday - Day Out at The Sound Temple

Suggested age is 6-16 years however, we are leaving it up to parents to decide what they feel their children are ready for.


Mana Maori, Mana Tamariki - Maori culture school holiday progamme

A fun filled unique school holiday for kids and family experiencing Maori culture, Haka , rare Maori musical instruments and Ancient Story telling, including a Taonga Puoro Maori Musical instrument sound bath.


Haka (Traditional Maori dance) Participants will learn about the origins of one the most vigorous and powerful dances the world has come to know -The Haka. Jerome will share the stories of the Origins of Haka which comes from Tama nui te Ra,The mighty Sun. They will then learn and practice the postures , actions and stances of Haka ,vocal style and expressions of the face and body and the meanings of each part of the Haka. Participants will co create their own unique Haka guided by Jerome. Finally perfoming their Haka in the beautiful bush surroundings of The Sound Temple.


Purakau (Ancient Maori stories) Hear and experience ancient stories passed down by our ancestors such as the Maori creation story of Rangi and Papa -Sky Father and Earth Mother. Jerome weaves these beautiful stories with voice, movement ,song and Karetao an ancient tradition of Maori puppets. Participants will be guided to reinact the Maori creation story in the style of traditional Maori theatre and live performance art.


Taonga Puoro ( Ancient Maori musical instruments) Hear and see our collection of over 40 individual and diverse Taonga Puoro instruments played by Jerome, from the Nguru :whales tooth nose flute, Porutu Pounamu (Greenstone long flute) ,Putaatara shell trumpets to the majestic Koauau Toroa- The Royal Albatross wing bone flute.


Participants will also get to touch and explore the collection, the textures and patterned carvings and symbols. Jeromes personal collection of Taonga Puoro have been passed down ,created and carved by himself and other master carvers of these instruments.


Ukutangi (Make your own Maori flute to take home) Participants will gather around the fire pit to create thier own Ukutangi a clay Maori flute that honors the voice of Papatuanuku( Earth Mother). To finish the day off in a relaxing, reflective and peaceful manner participants will experience an ORO ATUA Taonga puoro sound bath.


The Sound Temple, Sawyers Valley WA


$50 per child
Supervising adults attend at no charge (please book in number of adults attending for catering purposes)


Date: Tuesday 11th July 2017
Start: 10:00am
Finish: 2:30pm 

Event includes a morning tea of fruit and a healthy lunch of vegetable soup and rice, organic where possible. For each child this includes a four hour workshop, all meals and an instrument to make and take home.
Supervising adults attend at no charge, morning tea, lunch and refreshments will be provided for you.
Contact Details:

Dawn 0474 555 444



The Sound Temple - 100 Marshwood Pl, Sawyers Valley