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Sydney - Medical Cannabis for Patients and Carers

Medicinal cannabis was legalised in Australia in November 2016. There is good clinical evidence that it may be of benefit in chronic pain, MS, intractable epilepsy and nausea in cancer related chemotherapy. Come and learn how your medical condition may be treated by medical cannabis.


Paul Mavor - Health House International
Paul is a pharmacist who has been researching the potential of medicinal cannabis as a treatment for several years. His company was granted the first medicinal cannabis import license in Australia and he is currently distributing medicinal cannabis products to eligible patients. Paul brings a wealth of knowledge from his hands-on research in the U.S., Canada and Israel. 

Justin Sinclair 
Justin is a Pharmacognosist & Educator, and has spent decades exploring the diverse field of herbal medicine, both from a scientific and traditional ethnopharmacological perspective. Working in education since 2003, Justin has taught across a wide variety of subjects encompassing medical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, integrated pharmacology and clinical pathology to plant specific sciences such as pharmacognosy / phytochemistry, herbal manufacturing and medicinal botany. He has worked as a research and development consultant to the educational and healthcare industries since 2006. Key areas of study in his Masters degree with the Faculty of Pharmacy at Sydney University were toxicology, pharmacognosy, analytical phytochemistry, medicinal botany and pharmaceutical technology. Over the last decade, his research interests encompass Medicinal Cannabis, cannabinoid based pharmacology, novel drug development, full spectrum plant extracts and plant based pharmacology for pain, inflammation and immune modulation. His current clinical interests include pain management, mental health disorders and herb drug interactions.

Cameron Scadding - Source Certain
An expert in supply chain integrity and ensuring that consumers get what is both promised and from the source claimed.

Associate Professor Jonathon Arnold - Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics (Sydney University)
Jonathon is in charge of pre clinical research at Lambert and has published over 60 research papers that have received more than 2000 citations. His first major discovery was that plant cannabinoids reverse resistance to anticancer drugs. He has also isolated several genes that modulate the effects of cannabinoids on the brain and contributed to Australia’s first cannabis potency study, showing that Australian street cannabis is among the most potent in the world. More recently he has published research on interplay between CBD and THC which may contribute to the "entourage effect".

Ben Oakley- Patient Advocate
Ben is one of only 20 people in Australia suffering from "Stiff Person Syndrome". He will explain his journey and his fight to access medicinal cannabis.

Doctor Teresa Towpik - General Practitioner
Polish born doctor Teresa currently practices in Katoomba. As a GP for more than 30 years, Dr Towpik has prescribed thousands of drugs for patients, many of them opioids which can have severe side effects. Her research into cannabis has led her to believe it could be a much better form of pain relief. She is a cancer survivor and passionate about using medical cannabis as a treatment option.
Plus one other patient advocate will be discussing their journey

A representative from Epilepsy Action
Established in 1952, Epilepsy Action Australia undertakes research and advocacy, and delivers innovative, high quality services across Australia to optimise life outcomes for people with epilepsy. The organisation's aims are to increase epilepsy awareness and understanding in the community, and facilitate self-management of epilepsy for people with the condition.


Uni of Sydney - Veterinary Science Conference Centre 208 Webster
Regimental Drive, Sydney, NSW 2000

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