3-day TaKeTiNa Power of Rhythm Workshop with
the founder of TaKeTiNa Reinhard Flatischler 
co-leader Master teacher Tania Bosak.


23rd 24th 25th November 2018 - MULLUMBIMBY (NSW)

 A 3-day TaKeTiNa Intensive with the founder of TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process REINHARD FLATISCHLER

This open public workshop is also the final selection workshop for the upcoming TaKeTiNa Teacher training in 2019. Expressions of interest email tania@bosak.com.au 


Friday 23rd  Nov 10.30 - 6.30pm

Sat 24th1 Nov 11.00am - 6.30pm

Sun 25th  Nov 10.30am - 4.30pm


Mullumbimby St John's Hall

St John's Hall 11 Murwullumbah Road Mullumbimby

*Please note this workshop cannot be taken in part. 

Tickets are non-refundable and are only transferable prior to starting date, and not during the event. 

CONTACT info@bosak.com.au

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More details on TaKeTiNa official site www.taketina.com


TaKeTiNa is a holistic group learning process and a profoundly new way of experiencing and understanding rhythm. Poly-rhythms and cross-rhythms form the basis of the process as it utilizes the body through stepping, clapping and singing to generate a complex and rich rhythmic choir which leads participants into states of relaxation, inner presence, and awareness. Learning with the TaKeTiNa also develops creativity, musicality and opens an awareness of our individual patterns, which inhibit our lives and relationshipsTaKeTiNa leads participants to their innate rhythmic knowledge and connects us to the forgotten power of rhythm in nature and within us. As a deeply relaxing and meditative process, TaKeTiNa requires no musical experience and invites participants to go at their own pace.


Learning through the body is direct and requires no technical skills. Rhythms are layered into the body through stepping, clapping and the voice.
Rhythm becomes a mirror for our personal process and teaching us how to enter our true authentic nature.

TaKeTiNa conveys rhythm the way people naturally grasp and learn it: by a direct physical experience of fundamental rhythmic movement. The capacity for this is inborn; all infants come into the world with the sensory and motor skills that become the rhythmic foundation of all music. Fundamental rhythmic movements which are the underlying matrix of all forms of music.


In this workshop, TaKeTiNa invites you to take a closer look behind the scenes of your life and to enter those spaces from which your life flows.

In this space, opposites collide: stillness and movement; emptiness and fullness; tension and relaxation, all become one.

When we experience these rhythmic spaces consciously through TaKeTiNa, we become closer to the background of our lives and experience complete stillness
through movement.


TaKeTiNa is a process, capable of activating the human and musical potential through rhythm. Learning rhythm and music with the TaKeTiNa process always means learning for life, too'.
Reinhard Flatischler - composer, founder of TaKeTiNa

"The Ta Ke Ti Na rhythm process constitutes a great contribution to the evolution of music pedagogy. Ta Ke Ti Na seminars are always welcomed with great enthusiasm by our students.”
Professor Werner Hasitschka, President, University of Music, Vienna.

“TaKeTiNa really has enriched my personal life. The joy of playing and discovering rhythm is always followed by immediate results. TaKeTiNa is a fascinating process based on an incredible amount of life experience.” PROF. DR. ROLF VERRES, UNIVERSITY HEIDELBERG


“We find TaKeTiNa to be powerful, playful, earthy, and yet transcendent – very inspiring!”



About the principles of TaKeTiNa



  • stay in the groove and flow
  • develop profound rhythmic orientation
  • get to know the universal rhythmic building blocks.
  • develop improvisatory and compositional abilities
  • increase competence on drums, and percussion instruments.



  • enter a state of deep relaxation
  • develop presence and a state of inner silence
  • stay focused for exceptionally long periods
  • deal creatively and effectively with chaotic phases
  • lessen your anxiety about mistakes and thus, help you make fewer mistakes
  • perceive several things simultaneously.


Please note there are no refund policies, all sales are final. Tickets can be transferred prior to the event to another person.

Kind regards Pulse Rhythm



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The Power of Rhythm - TaKeTiNa MULLUMBIMBY

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The Power of Rhythm - TaKeTiNa MULLUMBIMBY

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