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Fostering Differentiated Learning for the Gifted




Gifted Awareness Week

18-24 March 2018

An excellent opportunity to hear  and work with Dr Manoj Chandra Handa, identified by the Sydney Magazine as one of the "Top 100 Most Influential People in Sydney"

Fostering Differentiated Learning for the Gifted


followed by a hands-on workshop

(bring the unit of work you will be teaching next)

Differentiated Learning in Classrooms

TAG invites you to join us while Manoj shares his expertise.

WHEN: One session only 4:00pm-8:00pm  Thursday, 22nd March 2018

REGISTRATION  (and refreshments) FROM: 3:30pm on Thursday, 22nd March 2018

VENUE:  St Mary's College, Hobart (Mary Morgan Wing)





Effective educators foster differentiated high performance learning among gifted students to ensure that they become confident and creative individuals, future leaders and entrepreneurs, and connected and holistic human beings. The research-informed Learner-centred Differentiated Learning Framework forms the basis for fostering differentiated learning among gifted students. Learner-centred differentiation is about honouring each student’s learning needs, readiness, and interests. The framework includes making modifications to five dimensions of curriculum—learning outcomes (why gifted students learn), concept-based content (what gifted students learn), student-centred processes (how gifted students learn), authentic products (how gifted students demonstrate what they have learnt), and rich learning environment (where gifted students learn). The purpose of engaging with differentiated learning of the gifted will be examined in relation to their talent development, expertise development, and wisdom development. The transformative potential of engaging gifted students’ voices for pedagogical partnership with teachers, and building school innovation will be examined. Research and evidence-based, practical teaching strategies for educating gifted learners at whole school and classroom levels will be shared.

A comprehensive handout containing practical frameworks will be shared with the participants.

The interactive workshop will unpack the opening address in practical terms. The workshop will assist teachers in developing differentiated units of learning, and using practical strategies to foster concept-based learning and higher-order thinking among high potential and gifted students. Templates for the development of differentiated units will be shared. Strategies for developing and differentiating generalisations (“big ideas”), challenging learning activities, “disruptive” questioning, creative and critical thinking, metacognition, and peer/self-assessments will be discussed. The hands-on, practical workshop will provide teachers an opportunity to develop a lesson plan or an overview of a differentiated unit; and seek feedback from one another.

Topics include:

  • gaining an overview of differentiated learning in classrooms;

  • understanding and implementing Learner-centred Differentiated Learning

    Framework (Figure 1), including strategies based on Maker Model;

  • using pre-assessments and assessing student readiness, interests, and

    learning profiles, in particular, how high potential and gifted boys learn;

  • concept-based learning and scaffolding conceptual understanding;

  • differentiating (a) learning outcomes, (b) content, (c) process, (d) products,

    and (e) learning environment;

  • developing critical and creative mindsets, and building real-world solutions;

  • -providing formative feedback; and

  • employing differentiated assessment.

    Note: Participants are requested to bring in their unit of learning that they intend to teach during the term.

Dr. Manoj Chandra Handa is Principal Education Officer - Learning, Teaching and Leading Coordinator, School Services, in the New South Wales Department of Education. He has formerly served as Chief Education Officer and School Development Officer in the Department of Education. In 2012, he was recognised as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People” in Sydney by “The Sydney Magazine” published in The Sydney Morning Herald. In 2016, he was recognised for “Excellence in Higher Degree Research” by the Faculty of Human Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney. He was selected for the “Smart Teachers’ Research Award 2016” by The Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales for his doctoral research.

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