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Beginners' Courses 2018

An introductory course to archery for people with no prior experience. Completion is a pre-requisite for club membership. There are 3 classes, each running 1:30pm to 4:30pm. Classes run on consecutive Saturdays from Oct - Mar, and on Sundays from Apr - Sep. The course uses the club's recurve bows only. Those interested in compound shooting can get advice on this after the course. 


All equipment is supplied by the club. Participants are advised against purchasing equipment prior to completion of a course, reasons for this will be made clear during course. Advice can be given on equipment after completion.


Requirements and Limitations

While we endeavour to provide a learning experience that is accessible to all, there are some limitations to what we are able to provide.

  • All teaching and safety instructions are provided in English only and participants need to be able to understand and respond to those instructions. We are unable to provide beginners courses in other languages.
  • Although we recommend that participants be at least 12 years old for strength reasons, we realise that it is an age where physical development can vary significantly from child to child. To avoid disappointment during the course, we suggest that if you have a child that is under that age or are unsure whether your child will have the strength, to come down during our shooting hours (listed on our main website) and ask to do a quick strength test with the bows we have available. Bear in mind that the child will be repeating the act of drawing a bow up to a hundred times in a 3hr session and that an overbowed child may not have an enjoyable experience or risk acquiring a strain injury.
  • If you have a wingspan (measurement of your arms when held horizontally out to either side of you, fingertip to fingertip) greater than 2 metres we may not be able to accomodate you. This is because the commercially manufactured arrows that are available to us top out at a length of 32 inches (81.3 cm), which roughly corresponds to wingspan of 2 metres. Arrows that are too short for the archer present a signficant injury risk. As with our lower age recommendation, if unsure, drop by the club to do a test fitting. 

Box Hill City Archers

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