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WAROONA: 4 in 1 FUN Course

Join in for 4 weeks of fun, learning a different topic/sport/game each session providing you with lots of different enrichment activities to do at home with your dog, so no more bordem! :-) Each week you will be provided with a kit and instructions to keep the activity up at home. Activites are Rally Obedience, Tricks, Agility and Scent Games!
WEEK 1: Rally O'bedience (Rally 'O)

Rally Obedience was created to promote a positive relationship between the dog and its owner and is often described as a combination of Agility and Obedience with an emphasises of fun! Participants will learn the exercises for signs and then navigate a small course by following the numbers and carrying out the exercise shown on the sign positioned at each of the numbered stations.

Great for improving heeling leash work and obedience making it fun and challenging at the same time!


A fun lesson learning the different the techquies to teach various tricks, plus the information on extending into harder ones! A kit of provisions and aids to conduct lots of fun tricks to entertain yourself and family friend! Over 10 different tricks will be covered in the class plus notes on many more. 


Another fun dog sport to have a go at..... Agility! Learn some little foundations for jumps and tunnel and develop some more skills to entertain your dog in your backyard. This will benefit your dog physically but also tiring his mind and improving your communication skills when pracitising at home. You will be provide with a jump to take home and lots of training acitivies. 


Last class is to use your dogs natural abilities in games and develop their natural scent abilities. These games provide huge satisfaction for your dog and the greatest mental stimulation, even more than exercise. A kit will be provided for you to continue the scent activites and detection games at home!

Course Cost $160, 1-1.5 hour sessions, once a week

PAYMENT: Follow Booking button and payment is via credit card or email me direct with contact details and dogs details and I will provide bank transfer details to be paid before course starts.



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