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ADELAIDE - Medical Cannabis for Health Professionals 2.0


Medicinal cannabis was legalised in Australia in November 2016. The global legal cannabis market is expected to grow to over US$20 billion by 2020.

There is good clinical evidence that it may be of benefit in chronic pain, MS, nausea in cancer related chemotherapy and drug resistant epilepsy.

Come and learn about the latest trends and scientific research in this exciting new field from a range of experts.


Wednesday 21 March
6.30pm - 9.--pm


Hans Heysen Room HH5.08
University of South Australia
Register St, Adelaide


Paul Mavor - Health House International
Paul is a pharmacist who has been researching the potential of medicinal cannabis as a treatment for several years. His company was granted the first medicinal cannabis import license in Australia and he is currently distributing medicinal cannabis products to eligible patients. Paul brings a wealth of knowledge from his hands-on research in the U.S., Canada and Israel.

Dr Ian Brighthope - Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals Pty. Ltd.
Ian is an Australian doctor with an interest in medical cannabis as a treatment option. He is also the founding president of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and Founder of Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals Pty. Ltd., a TGA licensed manufacturer of Complementary and Herbal Medicines that has developed markets in China, SE Asia and India. Has a sound appreciation of the scientific basis of herbal medicines, their cultivation, breeding, composition, extraction, GMP manufacturing to PICS standards and their clinical use. Interested in the development of the Cannabis industry in Australia from plant to patient, with a particular emphasis on its responsible prescription, Ian will present the evidence of its benefits from an experiential perspective in cancer patient care, pain management, treatment of addictions and inflammatory disorders.

Antony Condina - GD Pharma
Antony is an Adelaide based pharmacist and business entrepreneur with an interest in manufacturing medicinal cannabis. Antony has recently returned from a study tour of the medicinal cannabis industry in the Netherlands.

Dr Scott Schmid - Adelaide University
Scott is a pharmacologist and academic who has undertaken preclinical scientific research into cannabinoids for over 15 years, investigating the biological actions of phytocannabinoids, synthetic cannabinoids and endocannabinoids in areas as diverse as gut function, inflammation and neurodegeneration. Research in how cannabinoids affect these systems may provide new insights and potential treatments for a range of diseases.

Cameron Scadding - Source Certain
Cameron is an expert in supply chain integrity and ensuring that consumers get what is both promised and from the source claimed.

Rhys Cohen – Senior Project Officer at The Lambert Initiative (Sydney University)
Rhys acts as a key interface between the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics and government, regulators, industry and consumers.He responsible for leading a variety of projects within the Lambert Initiative to do with drug policy; the scheduling and rescheduling of cannabis products; NSW Health and TGA/ODC licensing; industry engagement; consumer outreach; and education. He is also responsible for the development of public policy positions for the Lambert Initiative relating to issues such as patient access.

A Patient advocate will be discussing their journey

Seminar may qualify for Continuing Education (CE/CPD) points.


Medical Cannabis Research Australia,au,au
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A not for profit dedicated to lobbying, education and research in medicinal cannabis


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