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Practitioner Training
Practitioner Training  

You are invited on a deep, rich, powerful journey. One where you first look to heal deep places within yourself, then be of service to others. In the Practitioner Training it really all comes together. All of the previous levels and the training is accessible and put into practise every week (you will be amazed by what flows through you!). It is all directed and held by spirit being a hollow bone, but it is very precise in how it is administered. As a group, we see the root cause, ask how to balance that and then act.

There are only three people in each class always working on someone doing a real healing. It is real, it is full of truth, at times a bit confrontational as any deep healing is when you identify patterns you were not aware of. A big part of the training is to identify resistance and work through that. All of One Tribes  training and experience is freely passed onto you. This is an apprenticeship style training where we work together. Sometimes we will step in to lead sections of the healing and you will learn from that, other times it will be all you. It also does not really matter if you plan to become a "healer" at the end of it, you will definitely transform through the journey (it is more intense than the other levels in terms of facing the blocks in your life).

In shamanic healing, as in any healing, the more you can heal yourself the deeper you can go with others. This is partly because you have done the work they need to do, and also because their stuff in not sticking to your own stuff that you have not worked through. How can you truly help liberate another if you have not faced the deep things within yourself? Therefore, the first four weeks are all about you - really addressing the deep issues within you that have not addressed. This is of course an invitation and not forced, it is up to you to actually go as deep as you feel comfortable but the intention is to go to the root cause of your issues and work through them. Then when we work on others you have already been there yourself and have that experience, empathy and understanding.

The next three weeks we work on friends. Then we start to work on people you do not know until the final healing where you do it all on your own, one on one. The idea is to train you to be able to do this powerfully for others. It is a great opportunity one we look forward to sharing with you if you choose to join us.

We have also developed a level 5 (Practitioner Training Level 2), which is a half year program meeting once a month to keep the training and development rolling on. At the end of the first practitioner training you have all the skills you need but more experience is usually required to master this ancient artform.

Session 1 Excercise and overview - Saturday the 10th of September 8am-1pm. 

Sessions 2-4: Healing each other in small group sessions. Thursday morning and night (perhaps a group on Wednesday).

Session 2: Thursday 2 classes 15th of February

Session 3: Thursday 2 classes 22nd February

Session 4: Thursday 2 classes 15th March (I am in Sydney teaching for two weeks hence the gap)

Sessions 5-7: Healing Friends in small group sessions. You will each bring one friend over the three week journey.

Session 5: Thursday 2 classes 22nd March

Session 6: Thursday 2 classes 29th March

Session 7: Thursday 2 classes 5th April

Session 8: Healing someone you do not know. One Tribe will organise someone you do not know to be a test case for the group.

Session 8: 12th of April

Session 9: One on one sessions with someone you do not know. This will be a private session with you and a client you don't know. You will be given feedback after the healing as well as a written report.

24th April - 3rd of May (we will work out dates individually with you)

Session 10 - Sweat Lodge Ceremony and Graduation - Thursday 17th of May:6:30 onwards.

Cost: $1100
When: Saturday 11th of February  2018 8:00 AM - Sunday 17th of May 2018 10pm
Where: Fremantle area details given upon application 

Contact: Call Mark on 0410 524 281 to find out more.