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Guided Meditation Circle - August

Calling of the Soul

There are many times in our lives we feel lost and restless, stuck in old patterns and unable to find a way forward. In the fog of uncertainty, it’s easy for fear and self doubt to creep in. Join us during August as we spiral within and embrace the depths of insight that mid-winter has to offer. We’ll help you to rekindle the soul-fire inside and forge a new path of self awareness, insight and purpose out of the dark.Here at The Sound Temple, we are blessed to work with some amazing facilitators who bring their gift of meditationand mindfulness to our space here in Perth Hills to share with you.

Meditation is a practice that gives balance emotionally, physically and spiritually and has been proven over and over again to be an incredibly powerful way of manifesting your heart’s desires.

These sessions are perfect for everyone – whether you are about to start your journey into meditation or whether you have felt the benefits of mindfulness and the positive impact it can have on your life and want to commit to a regular practice.

Buddha was asked, “what have you gained from meditation”?  He replied, “nothing, but let me tell you what I have lost – anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death”.

We welcome you with soft hearts and open arms to our sacred space every Monday evening from 7.15pm for an hour of Guided Meditation with one of our facilitators.  Be taken on a journey of visualisation where you can see in your mind’s eye the path before you and feel the joy of having created the very thing you want to manifest.


The Sound Temple, Sawyers Valley WA


$15 Contribution - includes a warming cup of tea



Date: Weekly on Mondays 
Start: 7:15pm (please arrive 5 mins early)
Finish: 8:15pm



Contact Details:

Dawn 0474 555 444




The Sound Temple - 100 Marshwood Pl, Sawyers Valley