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Institute Webinars

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Title Of Webinar Learning Objectives

Non - Conforming Building Products- Chain of Responsbility


Presented by David Lonton from QBCC

  • New Building and Construction Legislation (NCBP)
  • Chain of responsibility
  • Key Features of the NCBP Legislation
  • Reporting

Prefabrication Architecture


Presented by Bill McCorkell from ArchiBlox

  • Identify the opportunities and challenges of designing and constructing using prefabrication technology.
  • Understand the construction and assembly process of a prefabricated building.
  • Recognise the benefits of incorporating sustainable building practices and technologies into the design of buildings.

Learning in Vietnam


Presented by Ed Haysom from HAYSOM Architects Vietnam

  • Examination of housing solutions in a tropical city and developed at the same time as Brisbane.
  • Australia has opted for particular housing solutions based on its British heritage, this shows how a French heritage plus a war develop a different solution.
  • Learning from Vietnam’s mistakes in dealing with population growth and housing density
  • Looking at an alternative to present high-rise solutions


Retiring? Selling Your Business?

What you need to know


Presented by Martin Checketts from Mills Oakley

  • Understand how organisational and corporate structure influences succession planning and retirement decisions of practices.
  • Apply a succession or retirement methodology to their practice to assist with ownership/management changes.

Building Your Brand

Marketing and Social Media


  • Understand how to craft a compelling social media and marketing strategy.
  • Understand the need for data and tracking marketing impact.
  • Identify new and useful platforms that can assist business in marketing.


The Symbol of Memory Humility from the Midden

Presented by Stuart Tanner, Stuart Tanner Architects

  • The question of identity of a place - using experience of loci and memory to guide a response to place.
  • Consumerism and desire and how it overrides the mindful response to living and experience of environment.

oject Bank Accounts

Department of Housing and Public Works

  • Understand what a Project bank Account is and how it impacts architects.
  • Understand what progress payments are and how they are administered.
  • Identify the changes to defeast period liability Notice requirements.

Managing IP - Media and People

Presented by Rachelle Downie and David Fixler

Corrs Chambers Westgarth

  • Basic understanding  of what copyright is and what it protects.
  • An understanding of how to navigate copyright ownership in the digital space including on social media .
  • The dos and don’ts with photos and art in buildings.
  • Key considerations for managing IP within an architecture practice.

100 Resilient Cities

Presented by Maree Grenfell, City of Melbourne

  • Define urban resilience and understand the interconnection between shocks and stresses
  • Understand the emerging global practice of urban resilience
  • Understand the drivers of urban resilience and how to apply these to a city context
  • Identify ways to make a city more resilient to shocks and stresses


Flexibility - we're doing it why aren't you?

Brought to you by the Queensland Gender Equity Committee

  • Ability to identify a flexible workplace, its benefits and challenges.
  • Identify how practices and employees can promote flexible work arrangements.
  • Identify key people and resources to assist in creating change.
  • Illustrate how to implement a quick ‘win’/solution for flexibility in their workplace.


Nightingale 2.0 - Sustainability and Community

  • How Nightingale 2.0 provides an 8.7 star NatHERS average and up to 9.0 stars on some of the apartments.
  • An introduction to some alternative housing models
  • An introduction to the Nightingale Model

Top Cybercrime Challenges - Putting Architectural Practices at Risk in 2019

  • Identify the top 4 cyber-crime challenges to your business
  • Identify the steps you must implement now to reduce the risk of attack
  • Identify the potential costs to your business

Please note this is a manual proces and will only be processed during Monday - Friday 9am - 4:30pm.

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