This event has no dates available for booking. Please contact the event organiser.

Girls in Physics Breakfast: Clayton
This event is now fully booked.

The event is a Science breakfast for girls in Years 10 to 12 at which they will share a table with two or three women in science and engineering and have the opportunity to talk to them about their careers and their university experiences.

They will also hear Dr Ceri Brenner, the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) Women in Physics lecturer for 2018 speak on 'Pressing FIRE on the most powerful laser in the world

Dr Ceri Brenner

Dr Brenner is a physicist with UK Research and Innovation.  She uses the most powerful lasers in the world to develop innovative imaging technology for medical, nuclear and aerospace inspection. She has a unique role that spans research, innovation and business development and is driving the translation of laser-driven accelerator research into industrial applications that impact our society. Check her website

Abstract: When we press FIRE on the most powerful laser in the world, we deliver a packet of light that is a thousand billion billion times more intense than the sunlight you feel at the beach!  That’s super intense!  But what makes these lasers really super is that we’re using them to turn research into real applications that will improve our future. From igniting a miniature star on earth to keeping our power stations working for thousands of years with clean fuel, to designing micro accelerator beams for detecting and zapping away cancer or even taking a snapshot photo of a jet engine at full speed!

Cost: $15 per student.  The students must be accompanied by a teacher.  First teacher is free, extra teachers at $15 each.  If the teacher is making their booking, please remember to enter your details under 'First teacher'.


Numbers: There is a limit of a maximum of 6 students per school.  Students will be seated at tables with students from other schools.

Venue: New Horizons Building, Monash University, 20 Research Way.  The building is at the North end of the campus.  Check the map.
Parking: There is parking in the N1 car park adjacent to the New Horizons Building. Check map above.
Optional add on:
  • A 90 min tour of the Australian Synchrotron. The students walk from the New Horizons Building to the Synchrotron in Blackburn Rd.
  • A set of three activities for Girls on Careers in STEM, each about 30 minutes in duration.

The capacity of Synchrotron tour is limited and the tour will be offered four times during the morning, at 10:00am, 10:30am, 11:00am and 11:30am.   The Careers on STEM activities are:  i) People Like Me Quiz and Job Roles Analysis, ii) Panel of Guests and Case Studies analysis and iii) Video on 'Keeping Doors Open' and Activities with Careers posters.

The students booked in the first tour group will head off straight after the breakfast.  They can do the first Careers in STEM activity at the Synchrotron after the tour.  For students in the other tour groups, the activities will be done at Monash, with the second tour group doing first activity before it heads off for the Synchrotron and so on for the other tour groups.

Date and Time: Tuesday, 21st August from 7:30am until 9:30am for the breakfast.
The finishing times are as follows:
  • First tour group with the first Careers in STEM activity afterwards will finish at 12:00pm
  • Second tour group will finish at 12:00pm.
  • Third tour group will finish at 12:30pm
  • Fourth tour group will finish at 1:00pm.

Information Needed: The person making the booking will need the following information at hand.

  • Contact details of the school,
  • The decision on whether the school is booking for the breakfast only or for the breakfast plus the first tour group, the breakfast plus the second tour group, etc,
  • The number of students, their names and Year levels and also any special dietary requirements,
  • The name of the teacher accompanying the students and any special dietary requirement,
  • The names of any additional teachers as well as any special dietary requirements and
  • Credit card details.
Contact Details: For more details, check the Vicphysics website . For any queries, contact Vicphysics.