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Beginners Photography Workshop - Level 2 is the perfect follow up for all who have completed the Beginners Photography Workshop and want to take the next step in their photography.

The workshop is divided into 4 distinct sessions - each covering a seperate area of photography and a mix of both technical and creative. 



Using a series of my most successful images covering multiple genres of photography, we'll spend the morning analysing these images to learn to the compositional tools used to create dynamic images. In part, it's 'learning to see' and will give you a great insight into the thought process behind successfully composed images.

We'll pay particular attention to:

  • Rule Of Thirds
  • Framing
  • Balance and Negative Spaces
  • Lines, Patterns and Repetition
  • The Importance of Horizon Placement
  • Creating Depth With Foregrounds

I'll also list the lenses used and all the camera settings for each of the images we study.



As you have done my Beginners Photography Workshop, you'll know that I've discussed the benefits of shooting RAW files because your images can look with even the most basic editing.

This section is designed for those with NO editing experience. The aim is to guide you through the essential editing techniques in Adobe Photoshop to get really get you started. Furthermore you'll gain the confidence knowing what you capture in camera can be finished off in the editing process in order to really complete your photographic vision.

I'll introduce you to the most important features for beginners to learn to edit their own RAW files. 

  • White Balance Adjustment
  • Colour Temperature Adjustment
  • Exposure Slider and Contrast Sliders
  • Highlights and Shadows Sliders (so good!)
  • Whites and Blacks Sliders
  • Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation
  • Noise Reduction
  • Black & White Conversions
  • Saturation Adjustment of Individual Colours
  • Luminance Adjustment of Individual Colours
  • White Balance Tool
  • Crop tool
  • Straighten Tool
  • Transform Tool (this one is amazing)

Follow along with me as I edit an photo live for you. 



This session is designed as more of an open Q & A to discuss a number of more advanced techniques based on the subjects that you'd like to cover. 

  • Low Light Photography tips
  • Working in Manual Mode (and we can work more on this in the afternoon shoot)
  • Understanding Depth Of Field in greater details
  • How to improve focusing accuracy by telling your camera both WHERE and HOW to focus



Bring your tripod as we head down to The Spit for a location photo shoot together.

We'll spend the last couple of hours of the day shooting some images, with particular attention paid to shooting long exposures and landscape photography tips. If you have a cable release and/or remote trigger (phone app) to fire your camera please bring that along too. 

You are welcome to leave from The Spit at the end of the day, or travel back with me to Southport. 


If you've done the Beginners Photography Workshop - ths workshop is perfect for you! And as a big thank you, this workshop is only $145 per person (that's $50 off as a thank you for being part of the first one!). 


The Station 45 Nerang Street Southport QLD 4215

Time 9.15am for a 9.30am start at The Station, Southport. Finish around 5.30pm at The Spit.



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