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Workshops for Lab Techs on Years 7 - 10 Physics

 Vicphysics Teachers' Network  ABN: 91 277 531 646


The Lab Techs Workshops will have seven sessions of different durations, each with a choice of workshops.

The sessions and workshops are:

Session 1: Learning new skills:  Choice of i) Setting up a CRO for demonstrations, ii) Using and repairing multimeters, iii) Using a Ruhmhorff coil for high voltage demonstrations (Repeated in Session 3, 30 mins)

Session 2: Either i) The Van de Graaff Generator: Their care and feeding with Harvey Edward of Principles and Practice or ii) Good data in a digital world with Doug Bail of Ciderhouse (Repeated in Session 4, 1 hour)

Session 3: Repeat of Session 1

Sesssion 4: Repeat of Session 2

Session 5: Either i) Laboratory management hints and lab tour or ii) Safe handling of ionising radiation and storage of radioactive sources (Repeated in Session 6, 45 mins)

Session 6: Repeat of Session 5

Session 7: What is that old equipment in the back cupboard and is it of any use (30 mins)

The sessions will be conducted by Dan O'Keeffe and Gary Cohen from the Vicphysics Teachers' Network, Svetlana Marchouba from Camberwell Grammar School, Doug Bail from Ciderhouse and Harvey Edwards from Principles and Practice

Go to Vicphysics website for more details of the program, the venue, maps showing where to park and the location of registration.


Camberwell Grammar School
55 Mont Albert Rd
Canterbury, VIC 3126 


Cost: $60  Lunch is provided. A copy of the LTAV's Physics Reference Manual is available at a discounted price of $20.


When booking choose either:

  • 'Lab Technician for $60' or
  • 'Lab Technician and Manual for $80', but not both.


If the school does not have credit card facilities, then you may need to book on your own personal credit card, in which case contact Vicphysics and they will email you a receipt for your reimbursement by the school.


The ticket once issued will have the Vicphysics ABN number and other relevant details, but if the school requires an invoice number for their accounting records, one can be provided on request.

Contact Details:

Dan O'Keeffe: 03 9696 7020 or

This event is organised by Camberwell Grammar School and the Vicphysics Teachers' Network