NSJCA Academy Trial Registration 2019-20

Welcome to the player registration process for the trial to select players for the NSJCA Academy for the 2019-20 season.

To be eligible to trial for the NSJCA Academy:

  • boys must be 10 YRS OLD (OR YOUNGER) at 31 AUGUST 2019.

  • girls must be 12 YRS OLD (OR YOUNGER) at 31 AUGUST 2019.

Enter the number of tickets as the number of players you are registering.  This will save you having to enter certain details more than once.

The trial date and time are posted on the NSJCA website www.nsjca.asn.au

Please make sure you have read through and understand the terms and conditions of the NJSCA representative program when you get to the checkout page. 

In particular, a player must be registered with an NSJCA club to take part in the NSJCA Academy.

Thank you and good luck in the trials!

CONTACTS:     reps@nsjca.asn.au  executiveofficer@nsjca.asn.au