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Blackwood Player Membership 2018/2019


NOTE: All Memberships expire on 30 June.



  • On production of their Membership card Members will receive a 50% discount for their own ticket for each production.

  • Members who take a significant part in a production (either on or off stage) will receive two free tickets for the opening night for that production at the discretion of the Producer.

  • Members who take part in the productions staged by Blackwood Players will be covered by Volunteers Insurance.

  • Have the right to vote at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.

  • Examine the Association’s books, records, minutes, finance and correspondence.

  • Propose, second, vote for eligible persons and stand for election to any position of the Association.

  • Receive a copy of the Constitution and any other relevant material upon request.


CONTACT DETAILS: For further enquiries about joining Blackwood Players, please phone on 0481 373 949 or email to :