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Light Transmission Sound Meditations - Thurs 23 Aug

Pure Divine Light Transmission guided meditations with the healing sounds of the crystal harp, for those on their Spiritual Journey.Come along and meet beautiful souls - we all are making our way along our heart-opening path together.  These Light Transmission sound meditations aim to accelerate your releasing the old and opening into your new higher aspects of Self.

We have had an intense time during the 3 back to back Eclipses and now those eclipses energies are merging creating a very potent energy forcing out old matrixes, emotions, trauma and more for clearing out - creating that beautiful space to fill with golden Christ Consciousness energy.  Last week we worked deeply with Self Forgiveness which was very clearing and then we receive amazing activations.  Our group will continue to work with  deeply clearing our energy field of old dense energy, dissolving limiting matrixes, repairing our DNA and unlocking our energy field into more expansive layers.  As we are being gifted intense energy that is coming in from the cosmos, the guided meditation will tune us into these and we will open ourselves to receive and embodying them to the cellular level.     

As our inner shadow continues to be flushed up for observation and the chance to choose to acknowledge, accept and love this aspect of ourselves and allow the divine energies in the meditation to dissolve and heal it and embody higher frequency energy.

If you're ready to smooth out inner friction then come along to receive the powerful transformative energy that will be transmitted through Julia to you during the guided meditation, and using Sacred Geometry she will 'hook you up' to these energies from the higher realms.   

Julia also includes playing her Tubular Crystal Harp so you receive the 10 tones of transformation from the celestial crystalline sound tone frequencies.

The divine energies that come through, together with the angelic celestial transformative tones of the crystal harp, work through all your spiritual bodies right through to your physcial body, working at the cellular level igniting deep healing and activating the higher aspects of your DNA as well as upgrading your energy body to be able to hold more light - raising your vibration and your ability to embody the high frequency of the Christ Consciousness.  All this takes opens us further to understanding, feeling and opening into our Higher Self and I Am Presence.

This is powerful and transformative work; a true gift to your Soul.

Julia works as a Transformational Energetic Healer, musical sound healer, aura photographer and Cosmic Earth Crystalline Grid Shaman Lightworker.  She provides a safe, loving and nurturing space for you to deeply relax, let go and open fully to receive the benefits of the energy here to help you.

Please arrive just before the start time, so the class starts on time.  Door will be locked at the start time to provide a quiet and uninterrupted environment.

Please avoid wear strong smelling perfume, as we go deep into the energy of the moment and it can be distracting.

Each week may have a different focus - check in to see what's up next!



Upstairs in The Studio, West Street Wellbeing Clinic
64 West St, North Sydney, NSW 2060

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