This event has no dates available for booking. Please contact the event organiser.

Nanga Music Festival - Entry & Accommodation



Tickets and Accommodation

Important Information

Over the last few years the festival has sold out before the nominal closing date of ticket sales for the event.

In order to avoid disappointment we strongly recommend that you book early.


Ticket Structure

Day tickets are now available.  Select Festival Entry only - No Bed ticket types to view options available.   You still have the choice of purchasing a weekend ticket with on-site accommodation (Friday night to Monday morning) or weekend ticket alone (for those staying off-site) or Friday and Sunday evening tickets.  The weekend accommodation cost in the combined ticket is $87.00 for adults and $67.00 for children.

Children are deemed to be those under the age of 18 at the time of the festival.

Full price adult weekend tickets are $160.00 from midnight 16 August until sold out. Children accompanied by a supervising adult are free.

Choosing an Accommodation venue

You must choose a specific accommodation type. You can select from camping, camper van or bunkhouse lodges. If you select the bunkhouse lodges you must select a bed for yourself or multiple beds for your group. The plan of the building identifies the bed numbers so that you can know exactly where you will be sleeping. The bed number you select will determine whether you have an upper or lower bunk so please select carefully!

Each building has a different curfew to cater to different lifestyles.

Currawong – No curfew

Timbarra – 1:30am Curfew

Woodshed – 11pm Curfew



After selecting a specific bunkhouse, you will be taken to a page showing the floor plan of the selected building. 

 The Row Number identifies the room.  For example Room 1 shown on the floor plan is called Row number R_1.  

Selecting a Bed 

 The Seat Number indicates the specific bunk bed you are booking in the particular room (sorry for the confusing terminology, it’s a limitation of the booking software).  The floor plan identifies top and bottom bunk positions. In a typical 4 bed room beds 1 and 4 are top bunks and 2 and 3 the bottom bunks.  We ask that, if you are a couple, you select beds in the same bunk to make it easier to share the room with other patrons.


The letter that comes after the seat number (W,M,C,F,G) designates the type of accommodation allocated to that room in accordance with the legend shown on the floor plan. 
We have allocated certain rooms to particular types of accommodation to ensure that you can select the company you keep.  For example, if you are a single woman who does not want to share a room with any men, be they in couples or otherwise, you should select your bed in a room designated with a -W at the end of it. Please ensure that you select your bed in a room that has a designation appropriate to your circumstances.


If you are a single man looking for accommodation in a room containing only other men you should look at the list of rooms below the floor plan within the building you want and select a 'seat' (bed) in the room with the -M designation after the room number. On the other hand, if you don't mind being in a mixed room you should select a room with a -G designation for mixed Groups.


If a group (G), family (F) or couple (C) are attending together, we strongly advise that one person makes the multiple bookings on behalf of the group to ensure you are all sleeping in the same room or area.


If you have any mobility issues that would impact on your ability to get upstairs please call David Leith on the number at the bottom of this page to arrange accommodation suitable to your specific needs. 


Camping / Campervans

Camping sites are very, very limited so please book early.  Camper trailers and camper vans are allowed on site.  Due to the narrow tracks and difficult turning situations caravans are not allowed on site.  Please arrange caravan sites in Dwellingup or in Lane Poole Reserve.



Meal bookings will close on Friday 28 September.  

Meal bookings can be made by following the link from the meals section on the Nanga Festival website, by moving to the meals event before checking out of this event or by clicking the following link. Menu details are displayed on the Nanga website.

Should you have any queries please CONTACT: David Leith on 0408 780 052 or