CHAC Past Students' Assn. Lifetime Membership Application

Since 1989, the College has generated so many talented students, all of whom have contributed to the betterment of society. In recent times, the Past Students Association has been contacted by many graduates who work locally, domestically and on an international level. These students have one thing in common – their CHAC experience. The College has a rich history and so many stories to tell about the staff, the parents and most importantly, the students.

Our mission is simple – to connect communities across the College, whether they be past students, past parents, past supporters or past staff. To aid this, you’re invited to connect with the College and the PSA by telling your story or sharing your news about your life journey since graduating. To join the CHAC Past Association as a Lifetime member, please complete the following form.

Students who graduated from the College before 2011 are invited to join the Past Students Association by a financial contribution of $100 for a lifetime membership

Students who graduated from the College since 2011 have automatic lifetime PSA membership (as the $100 fee has been deducted as periodic payments during senior secondary school fees)

PSA Lifetime membership not only connects you to the College but also to a network of CHAC friends and colleagues from local, interstate and international realms.  

Please ignore any reference to event date. Applications may be submitted at any time.

A representative from the PSA will contact you soon regarding your membership. Thank you for joining the CHAC Community.