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Steamrail Membership Renewals

It’s the end of the year and your 2019 membership with us is now due. Your renewal will continue to help support Steamrail, the premier non-profit provider of historical trains in Victoria.
You can now receive all Steamrail newsletters and tour brochures by e-mail. It is a lot quicker than post so you can be kept up to date with Steamrail news. We are offering a difference of $15 to members who opt for an e-mail membership.
Membership gives you:
  • $5.00 “Early Bird” discount for all memberships renewed before 28th February 2019
  • Steamrail Victoria newsletters and tour information
  • 10% discount off all souvenirs
  • Voting rights (Mail Only subscribers and Junior members do not have voting rights)

Please make sure you include your membership number when completing your membership renewal.

NOTE: New Members are UNABLE to be processed via this method.

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