Kriya Yoga Ocean Retreat in Sunshine Coast

Kriya Yoga Ocean Retreat with Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath in Sunshine Coast. Be Initiated and Empowered into Mahavatar Babaji's Kriya Yoga by Living Kriya Yoga Master Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath. Experience Yogiraj amidst the stunning beauty of the Sunshine Coast staying right at Marcoola Beach.

Kriya Yoga Ocean Retreat

Duration: 3PM on Friday 15th of November 2019 to 5PM Sunday 17th of November 2019
Venue: Ramada Hotel Marcoola Beach
Fee: Early Bird till June 30 2019 AUD 800,  After June 2019 AUD 1000. Payment Plans available. Email us for more details
(Fee includes meals and teaching. Accommodation not included and must be booked by participant separately. Please register for the retreat and then contact us to get details for the discounted pricing for the accommodation). 

This retreat is a rare multi-day meditation experience – the chance to learn powerful and ancient techniques directly from a Himalayan Kriya Yoga Master. The Satguru comes to Australia for the first time to share his experience of Samadhi and teach the ancient meditative practice of Kriya Yoga. This retreat includes extended time with the Master for Satsangs and Initiation into the practice of Kriya Yoga, including multiple Q+A sessions and a fireside Satsang at the beach. Breakout sessions with experienced teachers are available to provide further detailed instruction. 

This retreat is a rare opportunity to receive Kriya initiation and Healing Energy Transmissions directly from a living Himalayan Master. Few such Masters exist in the world, and even fewer travel so widely in order to share their Knowledge and Samadhi with others.

Retreats are for those looking to go deeper than a Satsang or a Day Retreat experience of Yogiraj. They will be initiated into Kriya Yoga, as well as several other associated techniques, so that they may carry these transformative practices with them wherever they go. Retreats also allow attendees to expand their time with the Master significantly, receiving the additional spiritual teachings and multi-fold benefits that come by simply being in his presence. At the retreat, Yogiraj bestows his disciples with the graces of Pranapat, Shaktipat and Shivapat and the dreamweaver experience thereby removing any blockages that are stopping them from spiritual evolution.

The retreat includes the specific teachings of Kundalini Kriya Yoga, Siddhanath Surya Yoga, the Golden Lotus Mediation and the Earth Peace Meditation allowing meditators of all levels to learn and refine these yogic practices. During sessions with Yogiraj, attendees can also direct questions about Kriya Yoga to him.  Attendees will have discourse with Yogiraj every day and will receive his healing transmissions throughout the program.

The initiation and experiences during this time produce significant spiritual transformation, expansion of consciousness, and quicken the appearance of ease and order into one’s daily life.

Retreat Travel Options - Getting to the Venue

Retreat Location – Ramada Hotel Marcoola Beach, #923 David Low Way, Marcoola QLD 4564

Option 1 – Sunshine Coast Domestic Airport

Sunshine Coast Domestic Airport is 2.5 km away Ramada Hotel at Marcoola Beach. It is 4 mins drive by Car from airport to hotel or 11 mins by train from airport to hotel.

Option 2 – Brisbane International or Domestic Airport

Brisbane International or Domestic Airport is 110 km away from Ramada Hotel at Marcoola beach. It is roughly 1.5 hours’ drive by Coach or Car, 2 hours by Bus or roughly 4 hours journey by train. It is advisable to Book a Coach from Brisbane Airport to the Retreat location as it would be the most convenient and cost effective option for travel. Below are some of the websites to arrange the coach.

Benefactors Chakra Shuddhi (Purification) Extended Retreat

Duration: Continued from 5PM on Sunday 17th November 2019 to 5PM on Monday 18th of November 2019

Venue: Ramada Hotel Marcoola Beach
Fee: AUD 1000 Payment plans available. Please email us for more details.
(Fee includes meals and teaching. Accommodation not included and must be booked by participant separately. Please register for the retreat and then contact us to get details for the discounted pricing for the accommodation).

This is a rare opportunity to spend more personalised time with Yogiraj in a closed setting, learning exclusive ancient yogic techniques of Himalayan Nath yogis for healing and rejuvenation taught directly by Yogiraj himself. Participants receive healing transmissions by just being in his presence.

Techniques include

1.     Chakra Chitta Naadi Shuddhi: A practice that transforms the three gunas/humours of vata, pitta and kapha to Livingness, Light and Love, through many layers of refinement. An alchemical process of transformation practiced by the Nath yogis of the Himalayas.

2.     Beej Akshar Vivar: The subtle practice to balance, activate and purify the chakras for speedier healing of our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Once again from the repertoire of the Nath Yogis of the Himalayas.

3.     Dreamweaver: Special and unique to Yogiraj Siddhanath, wherein he, at the dream stage, repairs the mental, astral and deeper causal levels those who are unable to progress due to physical or mental blocks. As Healing and Love he gently repairs these debilitating qualities so the seeker may flower into the likeness of their own true Self.

There will be an opportunity to interact with him and to ask any questions regarding your personal meditation practice.

For further enquiries email:

Or call

Altaf: 0422 122 518

Subu: 0423 736 646

On Friday 15 November 2019 at 3:00pm


Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre
923 David Low Way, Marcoola, QLD 4564

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