InterPlay Australia Leader Training 2019
  • build on your learning from the InterPlay Life Practice Program

  • be skilled in leading InterPlay 

  • feel confident and able to juggle the skills of teaching the ‘forms’, facilitate the group process and ‘have your act together’ as a leader

  • be certified to teach InterPlay under the auspices of InterPlay Australia and be entitled to join the Leaders Circle  

  • refresh or update your leading skills

Facilitators: Trish Fairley & Biff Ward 


The Secrets of Leading:

Saturday 30th March 2019  (9am - 5pm) & Sunday 31st March (9am -4.30am)  (Venue TBD)

The Teaching Practicum:

Saturday 25th May 2019 (9am - 5pm) & Sunday 26th May (9am -4.30pm)   (Venue TBD) 

The Four Components:
1. The Secrets of Leading InterPlay
A weekend workshop will provide an overview of the InterPlay system, structure and philosophy. Topics will include how ‘forms’ are taught and developed, what it takes to be an InterPlay leader, the relationship between leader, group and individual participants, dealing  with challenging situations and leading voice/sound.

2. Knowing the InterPlay Forms
Using the Core Elements Self-Study Guide you will study and develop a basic understanding of the incremental steps involved in teaching the core set of InterPlay Forms and Body Wisdom Tools.

3. The Teaching Practicum 
The second weekend workshop will provide practical teaching opportunities using the ‘forms’, with immediate feedback on, and an assessment of, your teaching skills.  Topics will include teaching the Forms, designing workshops, leading  focus sessions and practical logistics in promoting InterPlay events.

4. Post Training Support 
Following the Teaching Practicum you will be offered ongoing support and professional development by an experienced leader.

The fee for undertaking the Program is $950 for all 4 components and includes your Self Study Guide and Trainers Manual. For InterPlay certified leader refreshers the fee is $475.


Canberra venue TBD

Contact Details:

Trish Fairley 0418 849 636

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InterPlay Leader Training 2019

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InterPlay Leader Training 2019

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Contact phone: 0418 849 636

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