2019 JUTE Actors Studio Enrolment Fee
If you are excited about the idea of developing your acting , stage craft and ensemble work then JUTE Theatre School will provide you with the development of your creative capacity and deepen your understanding of acting as a professional practice. You will need a sense of play, imagination, intelligence and a passion for theatre. Prior experience is desirable but not essential. We do expect a disciplined commitment to the training however.
Our Mission and core values:
  • Team building
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-expression
  • Commitmen
Stage training for voice, movement and approach to text is carefully crafted for age appropriate readiness and the syllabus takes care to build a skill based holistic performer with a strong foundation in theatre.TERMS AND CONDITIONS : 
  1. Fees are non-refundable.
  2. Cancellation or non-completion during the enrolled term will still incur the full fee unless otherwise specified.
  3. A discount to the term fee will not be granted due to failure to attend all the classes within the enrolled term.
  4. Payment is required upon booking via Trybooking transaction or through bank transfer (See website for payment link)
  5. Your receipt will be emailed to you from Trybooking once your payment is approved.
  6. Enrolment is essential to guarantee a place in the workshop. Precedence is given to those who enroll and pay first.
  7. Please notify us if you are running late or unable to attend the day.
  8. Please arrive 5 mins prior to the workshop start time.
  9. Students are required to behave appropriately in the program or they will be informed to leave the program.
  10. If you would like to organise a payment plan, please contact JUTE on 4032 6636.
  11. Participants are asked to wear comfortable clothing and to bring along a water bottle.

JUTE Theatre School

Contact Details:

JUTE Theatre Company Administration

P: 07 40326636

E: info@jute.com.au

W: www.jute.com.au


N.b. please note a $0.30 booking fee will apply.