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Optimum Thinking Advanced Workshop           2 Days Sat & Sun



This workshop is ONLY for those people who have already attended Optimum Thinking Levels 1

Continue to empower yourself to help you accelerate your achievement and sense of fulfilment for the rest of your life!


Optimum Thinking Advanced Workshop 2 Days Sat & Sun


OPTIMUM THINKING Advanced Level - Emotional Mastery

For those who have attended Optimum thinking level one, this is the next step in your personal development journey to assist YOU in empowering Your Own Life.

During the first workshop you covered the major theories and concepts.

Optimum Thinking Advanced Level is about embracing the next level of awareness and skills and then practice and repetition until you master the work and are able to integrate and empower yourself emotionally in any scenario.

Some of what you will discover in OPTIMUM THINKING Advanced Level:

  • powerful additional questioning processes to ask that create powerful paradigm shifts that reduce stress and boost your vitality
  • additional tools for your Mastery Toolkit including a review and additional format for how to develop your skills for shifting your priorities
  • what self-leadership and self-governance really are and how to develop both
  • How to apply and practise emotional mastery skills you can use in ALL areas of your life
  • The secret to finally STOP screwing up important relationships in your life
  •  The Optimum method to deepen your understanding of conscious goal achieving and action taking
  • A powerful strategy to embrace the practical tools for daily use to enhance your personal and professional results
  • a focus on Moment Optimization to see the perfection in events and appreciate life
  • How to Increase your personal and professional value and potential so that you can unlock opportunities previously not available
This workshop is about helping to develop your Optimum Thinking to create and achieve optimum results in your work and life!

If you have ever wanted to:

  • Have more vitality, clarity of vision and sense of purpose
  • A new resourceful way to approach challenges at work and in life
  • A clearer mind and strategies for stopping "brain junk" from entering your mind
  • A feeling of freedom from your burdens in professional and personal life
  • A chance to interact and learn from like-minded people who want to accelerate their results in life!



Workshop Full Price   $1250.00

Early Bird Price            $1050.00

Refresher Price            $625.00 (for repeat attendees and Optimum Thinking coaching clients)



8:30 am for 8:45 am start – approximately 5:30 pm finish

United Services Club

183 Wickham Terrace Brisbane 4000