CCS 2019


Welcome to an exciting year with CCS!

Your 2019 membership fees are now due


Annual fees








  (Full time students, Health Care card holders, pensioners)  

U/27 New member


  (First year only)  



Name badge

New members are required to purchase a name badge. Badges can also be ordered by those who've lost theirs!





Calico bag

A lightweight calico bag that's big enough for your music folder, pencils and drink bottle.






Music folder

This black Choralex folder has a strap on the outside so you can hold it open easily in one hand. On the inside there is a PVC pocket for your notes, a place to keep your pencil, and plenty of cords to hold your music. Many CCS members use these folders as they make it easy to hold the music when you're singing!






Ready to proceed?

Please note that the following pages refer to "Tickets" rather than "Membership" or items purchased. Please ignore this and proceed anyway!

Please follow the instructions below, and have your credit or debit card ready for payment.

1.  Click the yellow BOOK NOW  button on the top right of this page.

2.  On the Tickets page,

  • Select your membership level by clicking on the + sign next to the "0".
  • Select any additional items you wish to purchase. These include a CCS name badge, a CCS calico music bag, or a black Choralex folder.
  • On this page you can choose to make a tax-deductible donation to CCS - write the amount in the box.
  • Click the NEXT  button.

3.  On the Ticket Holder Information page (this is information collected by CCS)

  • Confirm the membership fees you are paying
  • Select your Voice type
  • If you are purchasing a CCS Name Badge, please provide the exact name you want printed.
  • Click the NEXT  button.

4.  On the Your Cart page

  • Check that your purchases are correct. You can remove unwanted items by clicking the "X" next to the item.
  • Add your details in the Booking Details section.
  • Add your purchase card or credit card details in the Payment Details section.
  • Click the yellow PURCHASE  button.

5.  Your transaction is now complete. An email will be sent to the email address you have provided within 10 minutes. A message will appear saying that you can print your tickets and/or gift certificates from the button below. This is not necessary, as we will contact you from the email you provided. The email will include details of any donations you have made, so please keep this for your tax records.

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CCS 2019

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CCS 2019
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