ETAWA membership  benefits include:

  • Access to ETAWA events, seminars, workshops and other professional development opportunities
  • Access for your students to ETAWA student events including the Year 12 Revision Seminar and a wide range of competitions and activities
  • Access to ETAWA ‘Econobite’s’. This ‘bitesize approach gives you a go place for linking the real world to the study of Economics in Years 5 – 10 and Years 11 and 12.
  • Option to purchase Year 11 and 12 Examinations including Semester 1 (Unit 1 and Unit 3) and Semester 2 (Units 1 & 2, Units 3 &4)
  • NEW resources for 2019. We’ve already launched the Year 10, Year 7 and Year 6 classroom resources and Years 5, 8 and 9 will be ready in the coming months. We are working on how to add even more resources over 2019.
  • Year 11 and 12 – Following the huge success of the 2017 Good Answer Guide we will be producing a 2018 Good Answer Guide. Available to members by March. We also have a wide range of PD initiatives planned, including seminars and workshops with the RBA, Treasury, DFAT, the Universities and other affiliates. Access to the members only section of the website has also been expanded with past exams and links to relevant affiliated organisations
  • Networking opportunities with other Economics Teachers at the various events throughout the year.



There are two types of ETAWA membership packages being offered in 2018: School and Individual membership

Membership types




(Including K - 12 schools)


  • For Secondary and K - 12 Schools
  • Up to 6 teachers may be registered
  • Must be a registered WA school
  • All Teachers must be TRBWA registered.
  • Membership is non transferable should a registered teacher leave the school.




  • For Primary Schools ( K - 6) in WA
  • Up to 3 teachers may be registered
  • Available to all primary school teachers in WA.
  • All teachers must be TRBWA registered
  • Membership is non transferable should a registered teacher leave the school.






  • For single teachers and individuals affiliated with ETAWA
  • Only 1 email address may be registered
  • Membership is fully transferable should the registered teacher leave the school 





  • Only 1 email address may be registered
  • Available to all teachers in training at a tertiary institution








A tax invoice and receipt will be sent to the main contact person immediately upon receipt of your credit card payment. A Welcome email providing details of all upcoming members events and log in details for the ETAWA website where resources will be become available throughout the year, will be sent within 2 weeks of your membership activation.

Your ETAWA Membership will be valid until 31st January 2020.


For any membership enquiries, please contact Andrea Fitzpatrick, President of ETAWA at